Sunday, 8 December 2013

Theater, Chances and Me.

          Hi and assalamualaikum. It has been a loooooooong time since my last update. Yeah, I know and notice that perfectly. I have neglected my interest in writing because of my theater show and chances for a better future. Yeah, that is what I want to talk about this time. All these times, I've been busy with my theaters, work and study of course. There is no single day which I can really have a real rest or beauty time for myself. This semester, my schedule is pack from Monday to Sunday. I always have something to do in each day every week for these 3 months. And yeah, my night life too. It has been filled with rehearsals for my theater. Though it is tiring and troublesome, it has finally give me a taste of satisfaction. I don't mind torturing myself for something I love. And to confess, I love theater so much!

          Chances. Yes, there is something I want to talk about chances. This semester, I've tried almost every chances I can grab. I went for Putra Fm dj audition, I applied JPA scholarship and worked under Yayasan Sime Darby. First, for dj-ing thing. I was accepted and pass the interview. I am now on the period of training. I've already on air twice. You can listen to it by streaming or through radio at 90.7fm. Next about the JPA. Yes, I've applied and it didn't turn out well. I didn't manage to get it. Maybe it is not my luck. Well, Allah knows better.  And lastly, about my work under Yayasan Sime Darby. I've worked under them since September but still, I haven't received even a single cent of my pay. This is absurd for a student who sacrifice their time to work like me. The reason I was told is because we haven't sign the agreement. This is just so absurd. I believe you guys can feel me and please pray that this matter will be solve sooner. I really hope all of my hard work will be pay off. 

          So, the theater I've been busying at all this time are Beauty and the Beast and "Lesap" which is Shrek in a Malay version. Actually, I spent most of my nights and weekend on Beauty and the Beast. I were given a role as a Bimbette who love Gaston and hate Belle. If you watch Disney movies, you'll know how I supposed to be. The theater Lesap came in when I'm busy preparing the last touch of Beauty and the Beast. Lesap is a compulsory theater for my theater class. The day of the show for this both theaters are very close. Beauty and the Beast on 4th and 5th of December and Lesap on 7th. Can you imagine? Bet you really don't unless you feel it. XD On Lesap, I were given a role as a cat, Puss in the Boots. And again, if you watch Shrek, you'll know my character. For Beauty and the Beast, I really parcticed for a long time yet only get the feeling on the day of the performance. There are some conflicts too but I wont state any as I want to let it stay among the one who knows. And for Lesap, I practice for only about twice or three times yet I love everything about it. Both play make me feel a bit famous this time. Whenever I finished the show and walking around the audiences, there will be few people who want to take picture with me. I assumed that they love how I brought the character alive. Thank you to all who suppoerted me and the plays. Theater has finally give me a taste of satisfaction. And from theater also, I learnt a lot and build up my confidence level to a higher level. I love theater.~^^

          There is something I want to share with the readers. If you followed my entry from the start, you would know I have always wanting to be in a law field. I came from Foundation of Law. But Allah has set my path to be on the field of Mass Communication at UPM. At first, I truly really hate UPM. I've beenexperiencing some hard time at UPM in the beginning of my stay. And I keep comparing it to UiTM. But up to this point, to this moment, I cannot thank Allah enough for choosing me to be in this path. Because of UPM, I started to act in theater. One by one, my dreams has finally came true. In UPM, I've been a debater, an actress, a deejay, an emcee, a singer, be a model for some show and a dancer. Bit by bit, I finally taste a bit of my dreams here. Because of theater, I can finally overcome my stage fright and more confident in voicing out my opinion. All in all, theater is the most reason who changed me to who am I today.

          Okay, enough in words sharing, I'll share pictures with all of you! YEAYY!

*Me as a deejay*

*at Putra FM*

*with Wei earn and Kartini during our rehearsal*

*first day of full rehearsal at Panggung*

*Oh. My. Gaston*

*with the beast*

*looks like I have something on my head*

*and ther you are, Lumiere appeared in between*

*me with Lumiere*

*with Maurice, a talented girl to be I can say. :P*

*me selfie in blonde*

*with Andy, a guy I met from Le Mis*

*with my friend, Vivian*

*with heroin, Belle*

*with the musician, Alex and Jean*

*the beautiful enchantress and wardrobe*

*we are soo different, I know*

*with Maya, a cute little girl I known since Le Mis*

*with Iylia, a transformed Lumiere*

*at the backstage before the show of the second day*

*Jackee, Fadzly and Didi. reunion of Le Mis cast*

*Fadzly: this role suits you really much!*

*Bimbettes and the Beast*

*me as Puss in Shrek*

*class picture*

*Puss and Fox*

*with donkey*

*with Shrek*

Below are some of the shots taken by the photographer on the staging day.~^^

*oops! a picture from our trip to Media Prima*

*with Shira at Media Prima*

*at hot FM with Sharifa Aleya*

*the girls of MassComm*