Travel and Food


Starting from bottom rock, small island to the big cities; I want to conquer them all. Ok, enough saying. Will basically sharing my thought of travel and food here!

At first, I don't feel like traveling excites me but going on a trip DOES. Gradually, I found that I have always wanted to travel around the world and it just I haven't been exposed properly to that kind of world YET. Being a daddy girl child who're obedient to her parent, I am not allowed to travel by myself, or friends, or anyone EXCEPT them. Until one day that I finally get an offer for an Asia Summer Program held in South Korea. That is when, it has finally started.


  • Busan, South Korea. [3 weeks]


  • Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia [3D 2N]


Definitely has my own seasonal food choices and quantity. Weird habit to some but that's just how I've been uniquely crafted by God. SPICY, GREASY, NO HEALTHY. I eat that a lot! Now that I want to explore more sides of the worlds, I had to decided on give it an open heart to try all the foods without being too choosy! >.< 

Serve your judgement on my eating habit based on how my physical look. You know looks can be deceiving, and yes it is! I have never in any condition tied to any kind of diet plan or such and that has somehow makes me worry bout my inner health too. That's why I had to eat a lot of vegies and fruits recently.

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