Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mia Roomies . .

This is my first specific post that will tell about my roommates for both first and second semester in UiTM Shah Alam. .
So, I'll start with my roommates at my first semester. .
They were Amal, Izyan and Eryn . .
They were such a nice roommates~ !
I love them too. .
Both Amal and me love cats. .
But not Izyan . .
She is a cat hater. .
Scared of cats . .
We even have our own video together. .
Eryn not stay for long in UiTM when after mid sem break she moved to UniKL . .
And she'll be married soon. .
Congrats~ !
We have spent a lot of times together . .
Although there was a big conflict between me, Amal and Izyan . .
We manage to get back well not long after that. .
The conflict was because of me. .
Sorry friends. .
I love you so much too. .
You're the first friends who shared room with me cause this is my first time in hostel. .
You guys also willing to comfort me whenever I have problems. .
Share laughter with me. .
I hope that our friendship not stop till here. .
Love you guys so much and forgive me for everything okay ?
**Sorry because there were no pictures of them here**

Now to my roommates for second semester. .
They were Ain, Fyr, and Ain . .
A bit confusing cause we got three Ain in a same room including me. .
Mmmm. .
We're not so close. .
But still, I can tell that they were nice to me. .
First Ain is a TESL student. .
I always borrow her charger. .
We didn't have so much time together cause she spent most of her times in her friend's room . .
But still, we communicate. .
She can give a good comment when I need her opinion regarding my appearance. .
Thanks for your inspiring comment. .
Give me courage. .
Next is Fyr . .

This girl. .
Such a friendly person. .
Easy to communicate. .
I can say that she was the one who I closer with compared to the other two. .
I've seen her laughter as well as her tears. .
No worries Fyr. .
You can always find a better person in the future. .
Forget the past okay ?
I'll always pray for your happiness and success. .
The last one is Ain . .

A sports student. .
Actually, she's older than us by one year. .
She also a nice girl. .
She the one in our room who has seen my tears. .
Because she is a sports student, I trust her to tell my story about my handball team. .
Thanks for comforting me at that time Ain. .
And last evening, we managed to have dinner together. .
Unfortunately, the other Ain didn't join us cause she wasn't here already. .
We went to Shah Alam Mall and ate at Pak Long Kopitiam. .
Here are some pictures of us. .

And that the end of our story here. .
I love you guys. .
Sorry cause I give nothing to you throughout this semester. .
But don't forget me okay ?
Do greets me whenever you see me or in "internet world" also. .
Till then, Farewell.. ~

Last Night . .

Yeah. .
The last night. .
Tuesday night. .
Friends, this might be our last night together. .
After this, everyone will go on their own way . .
And last night, we create a memory again. .
That probably gonna be the last one. .
Okay, no more sad and emotional feeling in this entry. .
Finally, I manage to ride my first Ferris Wheel . .
Yeay me~ !
I am so happy even I am scared to a high place. .
So, this is it~ !

RM10 per ride. .
This was placed at i-City in Shah Alam. .
I am so happy cause finally I manage to ride this thing. .
It was actually raining yesterday. .
But not so heavy. .
But due to that, many game has been stopped for a while. .
But its okay cause after that, the game was open back to public and this time I manage to ride a Pirate ship .
Wehoo~ !
It was so tickling for my tummy . .
And also make me dizzy. .
My friend said that I cannot ride Roller Coaster if I'm being like this. .
But still, I wan to ride that also. .
So, this is the picture after the ride. .

I was so excited that night. .
I myself don't know why. .
And here, the picture of friends who were there with me. .

I don't know what else to be talk about here. .
Sigh . .
And today, many of them will start a new journey. .
As for me, this might be the last time I step in at UiTM Shah Alam. .
Oh yea, enjoy the picture I took after the end of our paper also. .
And not to forget, the first movie together with le girls in LWA02A, "7 Petala Cinta" . .
I won't forget a thing about you guys. .

**Card from the boys**

**It is a frame**

**Cinema ticket**

**Got this during dinner**

**The "yes" face after our last paper"

**Beloved group mates**

**After farewell party**

Okay, I think that's it. .
This might be the last entry I post in UiTM Shah Alam. .
I'll go to my auntie's place at Kajang this evening and will back to Johor tomorrow. .
Pray for my safety okay. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~

Monday, 26 March 2012

It has come to THE END. .

Every "hello" will end up with "goodbye" . .
Whether we want to accept it or not, it is the fact. .
So, it is now the time for me to say goodbye to Foundation Law. .
I think it is the hardest "goodbye" I ever had. .
Seriously, when one of my classmates came to me when I'm asleep just to say goodbye. .
I feel a great lose inside me. .
And the time she mention our memory together, I really feel like crying, but I stop~ !
I don't want to cry yet. .
Even now, I still hold up my tears . .
Please don't make me cry. .
Cause once you made me, you're unforgettable . .
Ummi Nadhirah Mohd Taha . .
Take a really good care of yourself my sis. .
You are not my friend, you're my sister. .
And other classmates too. .
if there is. . . . .

So my siblings. .
Believe me that there are . .

Friends are the second most important people as long as I am not married . .
Not other people, but friends . .
Sorry if I get excited when I meet you someday at somewhere. .
It is simply because I love you so much~ !
I wanna write no more. .
I'm gaining my strength for tonight. .
Oh Allah, please take care of our family-friendship bond. .
Amin. . .

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Singapore Friend . .

Okay. .
Actually, this is a reply post for one of my closest friend . .
Here is his blog . .
He said that he was inspired by my latest entry before this so he post this entry in his blog. .
He tell me that he just post something in his blog and got p/s :"don't angry"
Haish~ !
That words make me tempted to read his post. .
So, I was turning on my laptop event I just shut it down. .
At a very first sight, I can already see my name, I'm touched. .
Seriously. .
Then I continue my reading till he say, " and last "
I was like half screaming at that time cause he put my picture also. .
And I was embarrassed and blushing also. .
That picture. .
Sigh. .
I know you'll laugh if you see that picture also. .
So, this is my first reply entry. .
I rarely post a picture of a guy in personal . .
But this time, I'll put it together to show how I appreciate him as he appreciated me. . .
So, this is him. .
One of my besties among the guys. .
**Chubby Boy**

Key, thanks again for that post. .
This time I write in English, so you don't need your Mom to translate it for you right ?
If you keep calling me "Chubby Girl" . . . .
Then you're a "Chubby Boy" . .
Well, I shall stop here and continue my study guys. .
Tomorrow is the last paper. .
So, pray for my success okay ?
Till then, Farewell. . .

Satu Tangisan Tak Terkata Buatmu Teman . . .~

#NowPlaying = Without You . .~
Ya. .
Tanpa kamu. .
Semalam, saat di mana aku berada dalam keadaan hendak tidur, satu persoalan bermain di minda. .
Bagaimanakah perasaan itu tanpa kamu ?
Kawan-kawan #LWA02A , aku tak akan boleh lupakan kamu semua. .
Ayat aku skema kan malam ni ?
Aku tak tahu lah perasaan korang, tapi sebak tu dah mula wujud dalam diri aku . .
Masa video luahan 5 minit semasa kayak, satu pertanyaan Syira ialah, "antara 33 orang, siapa yang paling kau ingat? "
Haha~ !
Aku memang tak ada jawapan spesifik untuk soalan tu. .
Kerana pada aku, everyone has their own special memory which is priceless for me . .
Okay, peringatan awal . .
Ini sememangnya satu entry yang amat panjang kerana kemungkinan besar aku nak bongkar setiap cerita antara aku dengah classmates aku. .
Ni salah satu gambar kami bersama. .
Antara gambar yang mengumpul setiap ahli kelas aku . .
Cerita pertama, aku nak bukak cerita aku dengan Farah Nadia . .
One of the smartest girl in our class. .
Okay, tension sebab dia pandai. .
Aku first kenal dia masa tengah cari nama dekat luar dewan nak tahu aku kelas mana. .
Seriously, tak kenal sesiapa pun masa tu except roommates . .
Tapi tu pertemuan sementara je. .
Malam tu chat kat group UiTM Shah Alam ..
Tanya punya tanya rupa-rupanya sama kelas. .
Siap tukar nombor ni sebab nak pergi kelas sama-sama esok. .
Serious lawak~ !
Haha~ !
Esok, calling-calling tanya dekat mana semua. .
Lepas tu pergi kelas sama-sama. .
Dan tradisi ini berkekalan sampai ke hari ini. .
Tapi diorang selalu tinggal aku. .
Sedih~ !
**Aku memang nak luah perasaan kaw-kaw punya hari ni**
Lepas dah lama baru dapat tahu yang bilik kitorang sebelah-sebelah je. .
Lawak. .
Hubungan aku makin rapat dengan dia bila masuk handball sempena HAKA di mana dia pilih aku jadi Kapten dan dia lah penolong aku. .
Dalam latihan, selain aku, dia lah yang paling bersungguh. .
Ingat tak peristiwa saat aku tak nak jadi Kapten sebab aku takut hampakan korang ?
Korang boleh lak wat bodoh je time tu tak nak dengar rungutan aku. .
Korang tahu tak aku nangis sepanjang jalan balik, ngadu kat mak, kat roommate. .
Sedih sangat masa tu . .
Tapi bila dah cool, aku pun fikir, takpe, let just take the challenge. .
Masa game, kau banyak sangat cedera. .
Tapi kau lagi sedih sebab tak dapat skor rather than your own injury. .
Aku tahan je sedih aku bila tengok kau nangis sebab sebagai Kapten, aku nak ego sikit~ !
**Aku poyo, aku tahu**
Tapi Farah, memang aku admire kau. .
Kau comel, selalu dengar keluhan aku, tenangkan aku. .
Haaa~ !
Suka lettew aku kata kau comel. .
Kau stalker seperti seorang ibu yang stalk anak-anak dia~ !
Kau pun pernah belanja aku beli tiket balik Kajang masa first time aku naik KTM. .
Kau punya risau takut nak tinggal aku sebab kau kena turun Serdang buat aku rasa aku masih kecik lagi. .
*Walaupun fizikal aku lagi tinggi dari kau*
Aku ni memang, harap je tinggi, tapi manja cam dak kecik lagi. .
Thanks sebab sudi risau pasal budak kecik ni. .
Farah, aku sayang kau. .
Tak akan ku lupa saat perkenalan dan pengalaman kita bersama. .
Next, aku nak cerita pasal Abdul Wahab . .
Aku rapat dengan kau pun sejak akhir sem 1. .
Rapat sebab kita balik Johor sesama. .
Aku mengaku memang kau baik, walaupun mulut kau macam !@#$% . .
Kau ada ciri-ciri lelaki gentleman tu. .
Yang aku ingat, asal dengan kau je aku kena jadi photographer kau. .
Penat aku. .
Tapi okay je, make me know you more. .
Kau pun aku kagum sebab kau boleh hafal segala subjek Law + lagu English segala bagai..
Ingat tak peristiwa kita dalam bas berdua je, then tiba-tiba keluar isu lagu Korea. .
Kau tahu tak aku geram gila bila kau tak tahu nyanyi that song dalam Korea lepas tu kau melalut je entah apa-apa. .
GERAM~ ! ! !
Kat kluang pun kita penah hang out, sampai kau kenalkan aku sebagai dak hot UiTM Shah Alam depan kawan-kawan high school aku . .
Malu doeh~ !
Penyebab aku tak jadi berubah sikap kat UiTM ni ialah kau dan Naim Fital ~ !
Naim, kejadian yang aku tak boleh lupa antara kita berdua ialah, bertarikh 29022012 . .
Sesiapa yang berkenaan je tahu. .
Tahu kan aku sensitif. .?
Haha~ !
Pastu ingat tak kita penah skype. ?
Kau pegang Hello Kitty kot. .
Nak lawan dengan teddy bear aku yang besar lah konon. .
Dan kantoi di situ, naim suka teddy bear~ ! !
Haha~ !
Mmmm. .
And thanks sebab selalu nasihatkan aku time aku perlukan nasihat kau. .
Thanks juga sebab sudi jadi coach kitorang. .
Aku tahu kau terima banyak dugaan akhir-akhir ni . .
Tapi aku harap kau tabah tao~ !
Kau boleh. .
Haih. .
Kalau nak suruh aku letak gambar sorang-sorang kat sini, adeh. .~ !
Kat kelas ni aku di gelar " pencakar" . .
Datang dari gambar ni haa..~ !

Ni gambar last sem, aku jadi kan background laptop. .
Naim nampak, habislah. .
Aku tahu muka ni buruk. .
Habis aku kena dengan diorang. .
Tape, it was fun though. .
Then Mawaddah Munirah. .
Aku kenal dia masa kitorang survey faculty. .
Haha. .
Jalan berdua je dgn dia sebab tak kenal siapa pun masa tu. .
Orang Penang. .
Manis orang nya. .
Saufiah Shukor, kawan teman aku for second sem ni. .
Dia yang selalu care pasal aku. .
Aku nak makan ke tak. .
Terharu. .
Aku sayang kau Soso. .
Sedih nak tinggalkan kau. .
Siapa nak jaga makan aku lagi bila kat degree nanti. .
Siapa nak sibuk dok cerita pasal crush dia kat aku. .
Bila aku nak kenakan kau lagi ?
Aku tahu aku pernah marah kau, sorry for that. .
Aku ingat, kau jugak lah yang pujuk aku masa peristiwa yang berlaku kat dalam toilet tu. .
Thanks for being my friend and care enough about me. .
Then Aizat Fakhri. .
Tade banyak perbualan pun dengan dia. .
*Suka hati aku na susun macam mana pun nama okay?**
Satu kenangan yang dia tinggalkan kat kelas, dia belanja orang kat Ayam Penyet. .
Sumpah terharu..
Thanks Aizat. .
Atiqah Diyana. .
Haha. .
Mix chinese ni. .
Aku suka bila aku jumpa then dia peluk aku. .
Rasa disayangi. .
I sayang u lah diyana. .
Haa, Nur Syahirah. .
Diorang berdua ni je lah pun selalu jadi groupmate aku untuk kebanyakan subjek. .
Since Sem 1 lagi. .
But then, aku tahu aku ni paling pemalas. .
Banyak drop markah groupmate kita kan. .?
Sorry sangat2, lagi2 on that one presentation. .
Aku tahu salah aku, sedih sebab salah bagi info and tak cek betul2. .
Sorry guys . .
Tapi tape, lepas ni aku tak buat salah da sebab possibilities kita nak jumpa lagi untuk degree dah macam 0.99% kot. .
Apa2 pun, aku sayang korang gak. .
Kau ajar aku cakap "loklak" Syira. .
haha~ !
Then Fara Waheeda . .
Dia pun agak selalu gak kerja bersama aku. .
Rajin budaknya. .
Tapi suka cari artikel panjang-panjang. .
Jenuh aku baca woi. .
*Tapi bila pikir artikel Rabia'tul Athirah, nasib baik aku dengan Fara*
Hew hew ~
Papepun, still sayang kau jugak. .
Tapi Ruby ni keeper terbaik~ !
Discover masa HAKA~ !
Peminat MUFC . .
Geng lah dengan Abg Long Shazmi Shafiai. .
Dia Mak Long. .
Abg Long. . .
Erm, di pun baik. . .
Dia tumpangkan aku, farah and syira pergi KL Sentral. .
Then, Syira & Farah pakat aku duduk depan. .
Betapa awkward nya perasaan tu sebab kitorang tak rapat sangat pun. .
Actually, kitorang semua semakin dekat semasa Sem 2. .
Sebab banyak aktiviti bersama di buat masa ni. .
Dan sem ni jugak lah masa rasa berlalu begitu pantas. .
Umi Nadhirah dan Nurol Afiqah . .
Dua orang yang aku kagum dengan mimik muka yang sentiasa cool. .
Umy ni comel je orangnya. .
Kitorang pernah duet bersama. .
Sweet sangat. .
Kita sayang Umy di saat umy sentiasa kata terus bertahan di saat kita tak mampu. .
Pyka ni cool je. .
Suka tidur, suka ayam. .
Dia suka puji bila aku buat tudung gaya lain sikit. .
Aww. .~ Haha. .
Syg Pikachu ni~ !
Tapi mimik muka Yusrin Yusof tu lain cerita. .
Hearless doeh. .
No further comment. .
Tapi ramai peminat. .
Tapi lain bagi Rafiuddin Maswari . .
Mengaku je heartless. .
Muka jambu. .
Lately orang dok puji dia makin handsome. .
Dulu kenal, na kawin umur 34 la, rahsiakan birthday la. .
Lawak. .
Kena gossip dengan dia masa first sem sebab kitorang satu group, tapi second sem ni, scandal Farah. .
Nur 'Atiqa . . .
mmmm. .
Tak tahu nak comment apa sangat pasal dia. .
Sebab kitorang tak dapat sangat. .
But still, I won't forget the way you pulling out your hair in psychology video. .
Hihik~ !
Amirah Hamizah . .
Voluntaririly ACR for my class. .
HAHA. .~ !
No further comment regarding her. .
Ahmad Azri dan Azman Jubilin . .
Sorang Melaka lagi sorang Sabah. .
Dua-dua pendiam je masa first sem. .
Masuk second sem, dua-dua dah pandai kenakan aku. .
Dari manalah diorang belajar . .
*Aku rasa aku tahu*
Azri si CR merangkap HCR . .
Terbaik~ !
Dia suka Yong Hwa oppa dr CN Blue.
Tak sangka kan ?
Tengok We Got Married pulak tu. .
Pelik je orang Melaka kelas aku ni. .
Ooops~ !
Azman ni, dia panggil aku lonceng sebab aku suka pakai satu kerongsang ni. .
Apa seh. .
Bila cakap dengan dia, automatik rasa nak cakap Sabah bha. .
Apa-apa pun. .
Kamik sayang Kitak. .
Next move to Abhar Husaini dan Azlan Hafizan as well as Nik Hafiz . .
Boleh kata BFF gak diorang ni. .
Abhar si Mr. Sek7 , Matley from Besut, and Kelantanese, Nik . .
Aku agak baik jugak lah dengan diorang ni. .
Abhar pernah teman aku main bowling. .
Best~ !
Azlan and Nik pernah bersusah sebab aku nak makan McDonald. .
Thanks korang, sayang korang jugak. .
Fatin Izzati, Nur Syamimi, Adibah Muzakir and Fatin Najihah . .
Dyorang ni pun sort of penghibur hati aku kalau tengah sedih. .
Kata-kata semangat + hiburan je yang selalu aku dapat dari diorang. .
Buat aku gelak je. .
Ogy ni dia suka jugak nasihatkan aku. .
Dini Manan, Siti Aisyah, Thohhira Akhter, Halimatun Abdullah, Annastasia, Ain Akmal dan Fathin Afifah .
Hmmm. .
Apa aku nak kata pasal diorang ni ?
Dini ?
Macam mak-mak jugak . .
Dia senang "ter"bawa melayan perasaan. .
Salah kah ?
Dia pun jaga aku jugak. .
Pimpin aku masa aku lintas jalan tau. . .
Aku kan takut lintas jalan. .
Ecah ni, sama orang johor dengan aku. .
Tapi dia ni, sarcasm level 90009~ ! !
Masa tak kenal dulu, betul-betul menyampah bila dia marah aku dengan muka dia macam nak makan orang. .
Tapi dah kenal, tahu sangat tu memang perangai dia yang tak boleh di ubah. .
Dia ni, bab immitate orang lain, No. 1 ~!
Thea~ !
Aq Ingat kau sebab kau penah adakan cubaan untuk "membunuh" aku~ !
Haaa~ !
Kita je tahu maksudnya. .
Well, kau pun player terbaik aku. .
Matun, shoot bagus, defence bagus, geliga jugak doeh otak. .
Tapi muka tak ada perasaan. .
Jangan terkejut bila tengok dia menari lagu Korea macam aku. .
Yeah~ !
Dan dia pun penyelamat aku saat aku terkunci di luar bilik. .
Hew hew. .~
Tenok pipah je aku ingat makan sebab dia suka ajak aku makan masa breakfast kelas sir Raj. .
LOL. .~ !
Ain akmal ni, ada conflict sbab nama panggilan sama. .
Pening. .
Anna, Sabahan. .
Baik bha dia ni. .
Hihik~ !
Agak pendiam. .
So korang overall, AISHITERU~ ! !
So, inilah sebab aku tak boleh nak pilih siapa antara korang yang paling aku ingat sebab aku ingat semua orang. . .
Aku sayang korang sangat-sangat. .
Dah buat entry ni baru aku sedar yang sebenarnya ramai orang sayang dan care pasala aku. .
Terima kasih kerana dah menjaga aku selama dua sem ni. .
Memanglah patah tumbuh hilang berganti. .
Tapi korang takkan dapat digantikan. .
Sebab. .
Mungkin degree nanti aku jumpa lebih baik. .
Ahha~ !
Saja kenakan korang . .
Tayah nak touching sangatlah kan ?
Tapi memang aku rasa macam adik beradik dengan korang. .
Aku sayang korang sangat - sangat. .
Ingatilah aku dengan aku yang kau kenal. .
Clumsy, manja, gedik, mengada dan apa pun. .
Asal korang tak lupa aku. .
Sebab aku takkan lupa korang. .
Nanti takde sape dah nak jaga aku time degree. .
Tapi kalau jumpa aku, tegur ea ?
Aku sure balas dengan satu jeritan. .
Untuk rakan asasi yang lain. .
Saya sayang anda semua juga. .
Ex-roommates. .
Sigh. . . . .
Tak pernah rasa sesedih ini bila nak tinggalkan korang. .
Sebab ni first time aku duduk jauh dari family, bergantung kat kengkawan je. .
Okaylah, nak stop kat sini. .
Ingat daku dalam doamu, okay ?
Doa makan pun tak pe ~ !
Sampai jumpa lagi semua. .
Wassalam. .

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Relieved . .~ !

Alhamdulillah. .
Finally, the most killer paper for me for this semester has passed~ !
I manage to answer all question in a calm mind. .
Thank Allah for ease me to answer all of the questions. .
Even there is one question I didn't manage to answer it well because of the times limit. .
One of the 5 marks question. .
Sigh. .
Anyway, I am still glad because I don't feel miserable at all when answering the paper. .
Well, I would like to share a story on last night with you guys. .
Last night is the most freaking night for me cause today is this "killer" paper. .
First, I've been locked out . .
Sigh. .
I didn't bring the room keys when go to toilet because I think my roommate won't go anywhere as she just got back. .
But I was wrong. .
Luckily there's a room of my classmate nearby and ask her help to text my roommate. .
Finally, manage to get back to my own room ..
To be honest, this is the only paper I am not prepared so much but yet felt so damn nervous about it. .
I even shivering at that night. .
Feel like screaming and crying. .
Then, after prayer, I manage to calm a bit and start covering all chapters. .
Alhamdulillah, I manage to cover all, although not thoroughly. .
I slept at 2AM after called one of my besties and woke up at 4.30AM .
I only calmed that morning after a little comfort by my Mom. .
Thanks Mom. .
Well, the paper now has over. .
This means I only got one paper left before I end my Foundation of Law. .
Yeay me. .
Even on a stress mode this morning, I manage to snap a picture with one of my roommates who take the same course as me. .
Coincidentally, both of us wear green baju kurung. .

Nice huh ?
Well, I got gastric in the very end of the exam when I'm trying hard to answer the questions. .
Sigh. .
After that, I was rushing to my room and have a rest. .
Now, a little bit better than before. .
Okay, I shall stop here guys.. 
Till then, Farewell. .~

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Karma . .~ !

My roommate once keep saying about this thing. .
Without realizing it, I'm actually facing it too. .
There was a time when I left a guy who really love me. .
But with a valid reason~ !
And the karma thing happened to me. .
A guy who I love damn so much dumped me. .
But without a valid reason. .
For me, it wasn't a valid reason. .
My friends also said so. .
Just out of sudden, I heard this one song of Dadali - di saat aku mencintaimu . .
And my tears. .
Run out just like that. .
But he didn't noticed it. .
Cause I'm trying my hard to hold it. .
I just can't fully get over you yet. .
Sorry. .
Till then, Farewell. .

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My Promise. .~ !

Yes. .
This entry will tell you about my promise toward myself, parents and friends. .
Just now, I was having dinner with two of my classmates at KFC when suddenly issue about how people change after couple arose . .
And then, after being hurt in my previous relationship, I already promised myself that I won't have a boyfriend until I entered a Degree program. .
Although I admit there is one person who already confessed his feeling towards me, I told him to hold back. .
He himself knew that I won't involve in such matter like couple anymore. .
I am looking forward for a serious relationship from now on. .
Well, this is my promise. .
Anyone can punish me if you found I'm in a special relationship with a guy. .
This is my promise. .
You can have my words. .
Till then, Farewell. .

Friday, 16 March 2012

Inconvenience . .

Woah~ !
Today is the first day of the final exam and yet, I already faced some inconvenience . .
First~ !
About transportation to the examination hall. .
No bus provided this time. .
Why ? ? ? ?
This has made me to use public bus which is Rapid KL and made me arrived on the time~ !
Means, I have no extra time to prepare myself before the exam. .
The bus stopped far from the examination place made me to walk, and its tiring~ !
Second thing, my drink spilled in my bag . .
Another inconvenience, and cause my calculator to stop functioning. . ~!
Luckily, there were no hard calculation in the exam.  .
Sigh. .
Enough complaining. .
I put the blames on no one cause I myself don't know the truth. .
Maybe it was because its Friday, and the driver has just got back from Friday prayer . .
Let just think positive about it. .
One funny thing my friend asked me just now. .
"Did you studying continuously ? I saw you on twitter at 4 - 5 AM . "
Me studying until that late ?
So not me. .
Even if I'm studying, it didn't continuing . .
Or else I'll explode~ !
I don't know why . .
I just can't sleep early, without taking any caffeine~ ! !
My eyes just don't want to sleep. .
Sigh. .
And about the paper just now. .
Alhamdulillah, it was okay . .
Thank Allah for ease and light up my mind while answering just now. .
Okay, its already Maghrib now. .
Lets perform our prayer. .
Till then, Farewell. .~

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Yes. .
I am one of them. .
This is our second as well as the final semester for us. .
Our first paper gonna start tomorrow at 2.45 PM , ECO099 . .
And the last day of examination is on 26th March 2012 . .
O Allah, please blessed my friends and me throughout this examination period. .
Please make our path easier and enable us to answer the questions with the correct answers . .
And peace our mind while answering . .
To all my friends, especially to my beloved  LWA02A siblings, I wish you all the best~ !
And for me, I don't know why I didn't feel nervous at all. .
The feeling hasn't come yet. .
Sigh. .
Dear nervous of exam feeling, please come soon or I'll end up studying nothing~ !
Okay, I shall keep  studying even the feeling hasn't come yet . .
This is for my own future and for the sake of my family. .
I have to achieve this in all subjects !

Till then, Farewell . .~

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lepas Gian . .~ !

Yeah. .~ !
Sesungguhnya aku memang dapat lepas gian hari ni. .
Dapat lepas gian main BOWLING ~!
Haha~ !
Hari ni, tamat lah "study group" aku dalam menjelajahi semua subjek. .
Tapi still kena buat ulangkaji lanjut ye. .
Lepas revise subjek ECONOMY tadi, ta sangka kitorang sama-sama terpikir nak main bowling. .
Haha~ !
Seronok lah aku. .
Walaupun kalah, yang penting gian lepas. .
**ayat sedapkan hati**
Tapi tade lah kalah teruk pun. .
At least aku ada strike and spare juga. .
Tapi memang best lagi. .
Thanks to him. . ~

Ni lah orang yang teman saya dan winner for the day. .
Haha !
Lawan 2 orang je pun. .
Mampu letak gambar dari belakang sahaja sebab takut ada salah faham nanti. .
Yang dah kenal, harap buat tak tahu. .
Haha ~!
Orang yang kalah macam aku ambil gambar lepas game sahaja. .
Ini lah aku bergaya dengan bola bowling. .

Itu sahaja gambar semasa ber-bowling. .
Yeah~ !
Lepas tu aku dapat mesej dari abang angkat aku yang nak kahwin dah bulan Ogos ni, ajak keluar. .
Yeah, makan free~ !
Walaupun baru lepas makan, aku on je. .
Kitorang pergi makan kat McDonanld Seksyen 3. .
Untuk pengetahuan dia semakin GEMUK sekarang~ !
Aku panggil dia buadak gemuk, kalau dah kahwin, makin gemuk la ni. .
Dia tak nak percaya. .
Tapi aku tak pergi walimatul urus dia nanti sebab satu kat Perlis lagi satu kat Kelantan . .
Jauh tu~ !
Dan seperti biasa, dia suka ambil gambar aku dan edit. .
Ni gambar yang telah di edit. .

Okay, tu sahaja untuk kali ini. .
Aku tahu aku makin gemuk. .
Sampai jumpa lagi semua~ !

Dilamar. .~

**Hanya hiasan semata-mata**

Mengejutkan~ !
Menggemparkan~ !
Aku tak nak guna English sebab hal ni terjadi dalam bahasa Melayu. .
Tapi aku akan rojak bahasa. .
Aku kenal dia secara kebetulan. .
Hampir seminggu di alam maya, berkeputusan berjumpa. .
Tapi tidak berdua, dia bersama abang-abangnya. .
Jumpa pada hari Sabtu, 10/3/2012 . .
Aku anggap itu tarikh rasmi perkenalan kami. .
Dan hari ini 12/3/2012 , dia melafazkan perasaannya padaku. .
Aku terkedu, menggigil, kebuntuan. .
Tidak tahu apa yang perlu ku kata. .
Dia lagi muda, tapi boleh ku katakan pemikirannya agak matang. .
Tapi gayanya, masih keanak-anakan. .
Bukan ku ingin tolak kerana aku tak suka, tapi aku takut dia terluka. .
Dia takut jawapan aku tidak, terus dia pastikan adakah kami masih berkawan. .
Aku membisukan diri. .
Pendekkan cerita, aku kata. .

G : Saya taknak couple sekarang. .
B : Saya cari isteri, bukan couple. .
G : Saya tak nak awak terluka
B : Setiap sakit ada ubat nya. .
G : "senyap"
B : Saya yakin awak baik. Buatlah solat istikharah. .
G : Malas. Awak buat lah. .
B : Okay, saya buat. Bagi saya masa. Buat masa ni, focus study and exam awak.
G : Okay, saya terima je nanti.

Kata-katanya sering diiringi gelak, seolah-olah tidak serius tapi kenapa kata-katanya begitu tenang dan bermakna sekali. .?
Ya Allah, Akutersentuh dengan keikhlasannya. .
Kalau benar dia buat ku, aku terima. .
Saat ini, aku masih menggigil kesejukan. .
Haih. .
Harap maklum, ini bukan rekaan. .
Sampai jumpa lagi. .
Daaaa~ ~ ~

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Yes. .
This is a special post guys~!
11th March. .
My family celebrate two people on this date for every year. .
Yeah. .
Today is the day. .
And it is the day of birth of my beloved Mom Puan Turinah Binti Jani and my fourth sis Rabbiah Binti Za'abar . .
Officially, this gonna be the 49th birthday of my Mom and 10th for my lil sis. .
I love both of you. .
To my Mom, May Allah always blessed you, may I be a good child to you, may you live longer so I won't left alone in this world and may you achieve whatever you want Mom. .
I love you so much~!
And to my little sis. .
With a big eyes and sweet smile. .
We called her Bib . .
Do obey our parents and me. .
HAHAHA *Evil laugh*
Study hard to achieve a big success in the future dear. .
Along love you Bib. .
So. . . .
Till then, Farewell~

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Okay, this is my second entry about STALKAAAAH~!
Sigh. .
Am I embarrassing myself or other people?
Yes, I choose English writing as the medium of my blog because. . . . . . .
Most of the people would hate to read it until the last word~!
Hell yeah~!
1 point there. .
So, the can't really reveal what I'm experiencing right now. .
For a moment, I felt so empty inside till I don't know what to do. .
Until, I make one crazy thing, that is typing a name in google. .
And I made a BIG mistake/discovery . .
I don't know which one is correct to translate how I feel right now~!
Cause I am so stupid by entering his name in that search box~!
Yeah, DAMN me~!
I knew I made a HUGE mistake~!
Sigh. .
Everything were revealed. .
And I'm always on the right path with my mind. .
He was playing on my feeling before. .
Just playing with my heart. .
He tore my heart apart. .
He never appreciated my presence. .
And I'm such a silly little girl being fooled all way round by him. .
I won't go on to any detail about his life before cause I don't want to care ANYMORE~!
To YOU~!
Thanks for giving me this such BIG opportunity in experiencing what is LOVE at your sight~!
I'm collecting the pieces of my heart that you've ripped away before. .

I know I'm bad at English~!
Correct me instead of making fun of me~!
The same goes with my life . .~
I know I'm not a good life planner. .
So, guide me instead of making me look stupid in front of others~!
Ends right now. .
Till then, Farewell. .~

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

An Exciting Day . . .~

So. .
I already in my study leave. .
My first paper is on 16th March 2012 . .
It was like 10 more days from now, roughly. .
Basically, I have my own schedule on study. .
But this time around, there were two more people who want to join me, which are Azman and Abhar. .
Today, we're studying at McDonald Section 3 . .

Seriously, we're studying for real. .
My aim for this semester is higher than ever~!
I want to succeed like the rest of my friends. .
I don't want to be the one who were left behind. . .
At this time, I'm enjoying my lunch cause I haven't eat anything yet. .
But then, One of my classmates mention me and the rest on twitter ask us to join kayak-ing..
Seriously, I am excited about this because before I never had the chance to do so. .
So, this was my first time. .
See, this is me~!

See how excited I am?
You can tell it by yourself. .
We arrived a little bit late cause we stopped to perform Asar prayer for a while. .
And my study-leave-mates faces while waiting for our turn. .
At first, we thought of took the triple kayak for three of us. .
But then, only 1 double and 1 single left. .
So, I took the double kayak with. . . . . .

Well, better keep this as a secret or I'll be a dead meat~!
He already have girlfriend lo. .~
At first, he said that it was a waste taking the ride with me and I turn out sulking. .
Seriously, I am like this~!
So damn touching. .
But that was fake actually. . ~
Later on, he said that he was joking. .
Than, we have a 5% feeling expression-video session. .
Funny.. .~!
Than we went for dinner together..

**Classmates who joined the activity**

Okay , done with this memorable experience. .
My first time kayak-ing. .
Then, got back at college. .
I got to skype with someone. .
I can't put his picture here, cause there might be the cause of controversy.
HAHA. .~!
Well, seriously, I am happy tonight. .
I miss him too. .
But, he treat all the girls the same. .
So, I am no special. .
Sigh. .
Never mind, I'm still his friend. .
Like him secretly. . .~
Okay, enough for now and we shall see again later. .
Till then, Farewell. .~