Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mia Roomies . .

This is my first specific post that will tell about my roommates for both first and second semester in UiTM Shah Alam. .
So, I'll start with my roommates at my first semester. .
They were Amal, Izyan and Eryn . .
They were such a nice roommates~ !
I love them too. .
Both Amal and me love cats. .
But not Izyan . .
She is a cat hater. .
Scared of cats . .
We even have our own video together. .
Eryn not stay for long in UiTM when after mid sem break she moved to UniKL . .
And she'll be married soon. .
Congrats~ !
We have spent a lot of times together . .
Although there was a big conflict between me, Amal and Izyan . .
We manage to get back well not long after that. .
The conflict was because of me. .
Sorry friends. .
I love you so much too. .
You're the first friends who shared room with me cause this is my first time in hostel. .
You guys also willing to comfort me whenever I have problems. .
Share laughter with me. .
I hope that our friendship not stop till here. .
Love you guys so much and forgive me for everything okay ?
**Sorry because there were no pictures of them here**

Now to my roommates for second semester. .
They were Ain, Fyr, and Ain . .
A bit confusing cause we got three Ain in a same room including me. .
Mmmm. .
We're not so close. .
But still, I can tell that they were nice to me. .
First Ain is a TESL student. .
I always borrow her charger. .
We didn't have so much time together cause she spent most of her times in her friend's room . .
But still, we communicate. .
She can give a good comment when I need her opinion regarding my appearance. .
Thanks for your inspiring comment. .
Give me courage. .
Next is Fyr . .

This girl. .
Such a friendly person. .
Easy to communicate. .
I can say that she was the one who I closer with compared to the other two. .
I've seen her laughter as well as her tears. .
No worries Fyr. .
You can always find a better person in the future. .
Forget the past okay ?
I'll always pray for your happiness and success. .
The last one is Ain . .

A sports student. .
Actually, she's older than us by one year. .
She also a nice girl. .
She the one in our room who has seen my tears. .
Because she is a sports student, I trust her to tell my story about my handball team. .
Thanks for comforting me at that time Ain. .
And last evening, we managed to have dinner together. .
Unfortunately, the other Ain didn't join us cause she wasn't here already. .
We went to Shah Alam Mall and ate at Pak Long Kopitiam. .
Here are some pictures of us. .

And that the end of our story here. .
I love you guys. .
Sorry cause I give nothing to you throughout this semester. .
But don't forget me okay ?
Do greets me whenever you see me or in "internet world" also. .
Till then, Farewell.. ~

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