Thursday, 21 April 2016

Dear My Gentleman.

Assalamualaikum. Hi dear. :)

         Enjoying your my past stories so far? Had enough of stalking? and hurting? Dear, there's a difference of just want to know and want to know because you care.

My Gentleman,
         I know, sooner or later you'll be reading this. Well, I believe soon enough. This is a special blog post from me to you, in my public yet personal life blog. :)

        Love experiences, I had a lot. And 95% of them are bad and make the reason why am I like this today. No matter how bad and good they are, now they are only lessons learned in my life. But you? You are my present and future dear. :*

          Thank you, for making the first move. To embrace yourself to step inside my life, and now making it our world. If it wasn't you who bravely asked my number 11 months ago (we met each other on May 2015), we might have been with the wrong person now. :P

          People might be wondering why am I so sure saying that you are the part of my world, well this time, I just knew. I got that believe and trust from you honey. Yes you. We funnily perfect each other like a different shape puzzled that were meant to be glued together. Oh yes, we surely are like that. Simple example, our favorite part of a whole chicken is different that when we divide it, there wont be a fight. Simply because we're awesome like that.

         Had no one be able to bear me as you are now dear. I love you so much, and yes, only YOU.

Your Princess :*

*Dah, nak balik kerja ni. :P*