Thursday, 21 April 2016

Dear My Gentleman.

Assalamualaikum. Hi dear. :)

         Enjoying your my past stories so far? Had enough of stalking? and hurting? Dear, there's a difference of just want to know and want to know because you care.

My Gentleman,
         I know, sooner or later you'll be reading this. Well, I believe soon enough. This is a special blog post from me to you, in my public yet personal life blog. :)

        Love experiences, I had a lot. And 95% of them are bad and make the reason why am I like this today. No matter how bad and good they are, now they are only lessons learned in my life. But you? You are my present and future dear. :*

          Thank you, for making the first move. To embrace yourself to step inside my life, and now making it our world. If it wasn't you who bravely asked my number 11 months ago (we met each other on May 2015), we might have been with the wrong person now. :P

          People might be wondering why am I so sure saying that you are the part of my world, well this time, I just knew. I got that believe and trust from you honey. Yes you. We funnily perfect each other like a different shape puzzled that were meant to be glued together. Oh yes, we surely are like that. Simple example, our favorite part of a whole chicken is different that when we divide it, there wont be a fight. Simply because we're awesome like that.

         Had no one be able to bear me as you are now dear. I love you so much, and yes, only YOU.

Your Princess :*

*Dah, nak balik kerja ni. :P*

Friday, 11 September 2015

3 Things To Consider: To Cut It Off Or Not?

         Hi and assalamualaikum guys! So yeah, it's been a long time, without you my blog~ ~ ~

* * * * * * * * * *

          Anyways, as the title say, I'll talk about relationship for this new post actually. A relationship won't be happy all the time from the moment it happened until you don't know what's going on in it too. It takes all the elements to make it complete as a whole. You get through the dark alleys before you found the light in the end of the road guys. Well, here are 3 things you should at least consider before breaking up (mostly girls).

The Feeling

          Is it really the feeling that faded away or you're just merely mad at your partner? Just take a time to stand back, take a deep breath and think rationally. How will that affect you if you say it? And what is the outcome if its another way round? If the answer would later make you in grief and you can make it sustain longer if its another way round, then stay. You are not thinking rationally. Plus, if you've been together for quite some times. Why cut it off when the feeling is there? Do you really think someone else could handle your craziness as well as your partner did?

The Memories

          When you're alone at your own space and suddenly some memories about you and him/her come barging in, does it makes you smile or start to regret things? If it smiles, laughter, making you feel of missing him/her and want to be by his/her side at that time, then you don't really want to break-up. You just actually want the attention from your loved one. It just where the hormone play sensitive-loving feels game so strong. Instead, what you can do is to open up, put your ego aside and enough with a starter to just send him/her a text saying "I miss you." It will then definitely soften thing up a bit. :) Usually, its the unnecessary ego that tear the relationship apart. 

The Contrast

Now you're using the excuses of being too different personalities for a break-up. Is it really the excuse? Does the differences are the things that bother you the most in your relationship? Now think; is it the difference that you can't handle or the chemistry is not there? Let me tell you, these two are different things. There's differences that make you complete as a whole and there might be no chemistry even you are just so similar in any way. You need a friend that is similar with you, but a lover who are different to complete you. Will you be able to keep the relationship going if both of you just love the same things with no different preference for years? Can you keep up with another you? Or an opposite of you that complete you?

* * * * * * * * * * *

          Don't jump to a conclusion too quick. if there's a PROBLEM, DISCUSS with each other to SORT THINGS OUT. Do not simply make a conclusion just from your side. Problem comes in relationship as a test; to see whether the love is strong enough. Don't give up easily as you should believe, there's always silver lining behind everything. Well as for, there's unicorn after the storm. (as rainbow is too mainstream and the happiness you get is slightly bigger after you go through shit). You don't actually need a lot of advices,just some times to think with a little guide. That's it from me. Till then, Farewell~

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


          Hi and Assalamualaikum. Hai guys. Don't even know if someone is reading this. Just posting out of boredom in the middle of the night. So yeah, we've entered 2015. *Yeaay* Increase in age numbers, getting older, shorter life and closer to death. Hmmmm. My resolution? Nothing in specific, but I'll just kept it alone. :)

         Love huh? Friends at my age are getting married, having cute babies and such. While me? I am still confused. If only heart was easier to handle, like having those switches, on and off. It could be simpler. But yeah, you wish, Ain. I just never have a really good love story that I can tell. I'm suck at being a lover. Or is it me that friendzone myself from everyone? I'm loving someone while liking the others. How can I control it? Loving someone whom I know have no possibility for us to end up together makes me gave a chance to someone I barely like. I am a traditional female dude. I still have fantasy on falling in love after getting married. While marriage is not a big deal for me, it somehow is to my Mom. "I'll just accept anyone who want to marry you if it'll be long" - Mom. Me? Confused.

          A lot that happened to me, I let go the good guy with having thinking they can't love me for real. I am no good with him. He's just too good for me. Am I making excuses to myself or I am just a fool in love thingy? Apart from that, I am just not ready to get married as I am afraid my children'll be like me. By having my bad attitude. I don't want that. I am still not ready to take care of another me. I am not strong enough. I've sinned a lot. I'm a sinner. I am just no good. Am I looking down too much on myself? Do I have no more trust in me? It always got me wonder. Do I deserve someone good or worse than me? How I wish to cut off these feelings. How I wish.....

          By writhing these, several name pop-up in my mind. Making me thinking, sinking into memories lane and getting hurt by myself. I should just stop. May this year teach me on how to be tougher. Hati Kering it is. Till then, farewell. Assalamualaikum. :)

Saturday, 20 December 2014


np : I really Don't Care // Demi Lovato

Rintih hati meruntun pedih,

Tanpa kau tahu air yang mengalir.

Kelopak mata menyaksi semua,

Pasang telinga terima derita.

Masa ku rasa kaku,

Berhenti menginjak dari paksi rajukmu,

Membuatku ragu,

Apa sebenar kemahuan rasamu.

Maju kau mundur,

Terlukaku hanyut,

Moga tak kendur,

Tali cinta berhikayat.

miszaein, 2014 Dec 20

Friday, 28 November 2014


np : Malaikat by Hazama

          Hai dan assalamualaikum. Lama dah Ain tak update blog.. ada lah sorang dua bertanya bila nak update. Maka, ini lah harinya pabila terdetik rasa hati nak menjengah blog sendiri, menaip tinta untuk tatapan. Gittew!

         Selalunya, hakikat manusia yang apabila terlalu banyak benda berlaku, sampai tak tahu nak cerita mana satu. End up clueless and speechless sebab you can't just let it out of your mind and rather keep it with a heavy heart. Well, currently applied to me.

          Jadi setelah diteliti kedalamannya, eloklah kita bercerita tentang ironi, hipokrasi atau kepura-puraan. Don't bluff me saying you never gone through this. I believe everyone do this. In fact, some of us do it every time, every day, to survive in this world. No matter how much love you have towards honesty, this just got to happen. To survive.

          Let me just tell me my story then. I used to be a good liar. But then I learned something. That no matter how much truth will hurt you, it is the best way you can live with. And it is what I am applying to my life currently. For being honest to the most of things I am saying. But then again, you should know that being secretive is another thing. Secret is someone's trust you have to keep. Mind that. After living with being honest for a long time, I am now unable to lie properly. Haha.

          I am a student but I am also worker. Those who're in my place can relate to this very closely I believe. In an organisation especially, people will never stop talking about someone else's back. Experienced it? Then you know. No matter how nice you are to them, there's always something about you that people want to talk about with someone else. Weird huh? Don't be. This is reality. A world live in by cruel heartless people. I somehow thank Allah for this opportunity to work while studying. You know why, cause it makes me ready to face real s**t that happen in an organisation. Inilah kepura-puraan. Hipokrasi.

          And being a communication student, I found it funny that we have the most miscommunication problems. Irony huh? Well, that's world people. These communication students sometimes think they are good enough to handle things on their own without seeking other people's help. And when it proven wrong, they gone quiet and talking bout others thing. This is so FUNNY. Ironically funny. As for me who didn't like to trouble others though others are throwing all the problems to me, I came up with a solution and solve it myself. This is the irony of people I am talking about.

          Dan kepura-puraan. Dalam kalangan kengkawan pun kau berpura-pura kekadang. Terpaksa. Jangan tipulah kata tak pernah. Kau terpaksa pura-pura sama ada sebab nak jaga hati dia atau taknak friendship korang hancur. Well, that's what I applied it for. Yang pura-pura sebab lain tu selalunya ada agenda tersembunyi and lebih baik ditinggalkan lah. Take it or leave it guys. Dan diri kita sendiri pun, kalau dah tahu apa yang tak elok, patutlah berubah. Don't be too drastic, but take it slow. Biar lambat asal selamat peeps. Use it the right way.

         Some people will never appreciate your presence no matter how much you do to ease them. And some other people just use your presence to the fullest for their benefit. I speak my heart peeps. I talk experiences. I might be young by age, but experiences are not measured by those digits. Just live your life to the fullest. Be good to your parents. Do good to others. Speak your heart out to someone if you're hurting. No one meant to be alone in this world. We're all paired up. It's either we gonna meet him/her here or hereafter. Thanks for reading. Wassalam. :)

        When you decided to make a decision, have a back up plan. :)