Saturday, 31 December 2011

Kau Kembali Tepat Pada Waktunya. .~hen, kitorang sama-sam

Hew Hew. .
Entry kali ni nak guna bahasa rojak pulak. .
Woot Woot. .~
Aku happy hari ni. .
Nak tao kenapa.. .?
Sebab seseorang datang kembali setelah lama dia menghilangkan diri. .
Dia ialah seorang kawan yang amat baik dengan. .
Walaupun kami berjauhan, friendship tu wujud tao..
Dia asal dari Singapore, but ada rumah family kat JB . .
Tadi dapat skype dengan dia. .
Terubat jugak rindu. .
Tak sangka rupa-rupanya kami berdua mengalami nasib yang sama akhir-akhir ini, iaitu dikecewakan oleh pasangan kami. .
Sad story la pulak tiba-tiba..~
Then, kami sama-sama berazam untuk focus more on study and work. .
Hal cinta ni, last sekali pun takpe. .
Dia ada jugak ajak jumpa, tapi tunggulah nanti bila masing-masing tak sibuk kan. .?
Masa skype dengan dia tadi, abang ipar dia nampak and ingat kitorang ni couple. .
Malu kot aku. .
HAHA. .~!!
Well, aku harap friendship ktorang last long. .
Amin. . ~~!!
Okay lah. .
Na capai azam sat. .
Cukupkan 100 entry before new year..
Daa. .~~

You Have Been Deleted. . .

Dear You who made me hurt and sad lately. .
I am now declare that you have been deleted from my friend list. .
Congratulation to you. .
I can no longer keep you in my friend list. .
It irritate my eyes you know. . ?
Now, I managed to overcome my feeling and delete you. .
Sorry, I just have to do this. . .
Maybe we can be friend again, one day later, when my heart feel nothing when I face you. .
Well, I know I can't remove you memory completely now. .
But maybe one day later. .
But for now, just disappear from my sight, okay. . ?
I hope you success in achieving your dream. .
As I can say, me, your obstacle isn't with you anymore. .
Go on. .~
We shall see again on the next post. .

Friday, 30 December 2011

Free The Children

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pembalasan Masa. . ~

Assalamualaikum. .
Dan Selamat Pagi semua. .
Haha. .!
Terkejut tak tengok tajuk ada balas-balas ni. . ?
Tak baik kan. . ?
Haaa. .~
Bukan apa. .
Balas masa je. .
Nak ganti balik hari-hari yang menyebabkan saya sedih dua tiga hari ni dengan menambah nilai masa kegembiraan. .
Amacam. . ~?!
Ada bijak tak plan saya ni.. ?
Hihik. .~!
Semalam dah tambah nilai 1/4 dengan adik angkat saya dan kawan-kawannya. . ~~
Nama mereka. . ??
Ain , Jannah , Diyana , Ieyka , Farah
Haaa. .
Tu lah mereka semua. .
At first, kawan2 adik angkat saya( Ain ) ingat saya ni sama umur dengan mereka2 tu. .
Awet muda kan. .?
Apa rahsia. . ?
Senang je. .
Senyumlah selalu. .
Kalau dah tambah nilai sebanyak 1/4 , tao tak bila nak tambah lagi 3/4 tu.. ?
Hari ni lah. . ~!
Bersama rakan-rakan sekolah ku. .
Hang out beramai-ramai. . !!
Yeay. . !
Harap hari ni akan menjadi hari yang menyeronokkan. .
Ok lah, nanti saya sambung lagi di entry yang lain pula ye. .?
Daaa. . ~!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

New Life. . .~

Last few days I saw my friend post a picture on twitter about ending this year as a single person. .
Now, its happening to me. .
I am ending this year single babe. .!
Hoo yeah!
Well, although I was upset like damn hell yesterday, I want to start a new life today. .
Try not thinking about what happened yesterday. .
Many people out there wanted to see my smile compared to my tears. .
Even it is hard, i have to try. .
Try all my best to erase this bad feelings that hurting me inside. .
One my sisters advice, its okay. .
Find one later when you're 20. .
Hahaha. .
She the only one who can make joke when someone else upset. .
Love you sis. .
My other sister felt almost the same thing as me. .
She start to hate that guy too. .
She always supporting me behind. .
Love you to my sister. .
While the rest of my family members thought that I was crying over a Korean drama last night. .
Funny isn't it. .?
Sigh. .
How am I gonna tell my Mom about this. .
Huh. .
This morning, as I woke up, I hug my Mom. .
Even though she mumbling bout something, she just let me hug her. .
Hmm. .
So relaxing. .
I wish I can do so every day. .
Well, a new year will coming soon. .
I'm gonna start a new life guys. .!!
Support me please. .
We shall see again later guys. .
Farewell. .~

It is the End. .

No matter how long I think, I can still find no reason for it. .
You left me just because you have no time for me. .?
You said that you want to make your dream come true. .
Sorry. .
I will can never be your friend. .
It hurt so much inside here, my heart. .
I love you damn so much and you just did this to me. .
Some friends told me that he was blind because left a girl like me. .
Maybe. .
If it is your dream to have something that you dreamed on for a long time. .
Why in the first place you say that you like me too. .?
Are you toying with my feeling. .?
Are you doing this to me cause you know that I love you so much. .?
Is it so. .?
You know it will end up like this right. .?
And now you were asking for us to be a friend. .?
How could I. .??
I don't even have the courage to even hear your voice anymore. .
Just go away from me. .
You'll try to find a time to meet me up as a friend and not as a couple. .?
What a good reason you came up with. .
I hope there will be a silver lining behind all this. .
We shall see again later, I guess. .
Farewell. . ~
**This is how I feel when u first said those words**

**Isn't this exactly what you did to me just now**

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Biarkan Aku. . !

Kenapa semua ni terjadi pada aku. . ?
Kenapa semua orang menghindar dari aku. .?
Kenapa. .?
Aku ni jahat sangat ke. .?
Aku ni teruk sangat ke. .?
Bagitau lah. .
Bagitau apa yang kurang kat aku ni untuk aku perbaiki. .
Kenapa mesti semua berlaku pada satu masa yang sama. .
Sebab aku sakit. .?
Mati jugak akhirnya kan. .?
Fine, tak perlu bazir duit beli ubat rasanya. .
Sama je pun tarikh mati. .
Pada sesiapa yang mengenali aku. .
Baca dan jangan tanya aku apa-apa pasal entry ni. .
Terima kasih semua. .
Untuk segalanya. . .~

Faith . .~

Faith . .
Is a thing you have which is the most precious thing in you. .
Faith is a matter which will shape you. .
Once you have faith on something. .
You will become stronger. .
As long as the matter you put your faith in are stronger. .
And same thing happen if something make your faith weaker. .
So, stay strong with your faith. .
Hold onto it strongly and hardly without giving anyone even a chance to destroy your faith. .
Cause once you lost your faith, you might lost your life as well. .
Have your most faith in God, as for me Allah. .
I believe Allah will always help His servants as long as they seek help for Him. .
I need to improve myself better to become a good servant. .
Then, have your faith on your parents. .
They may seems torturing you. .
But once you grown up, you know all they do are for your own sake. .
Put also your faith on your siblings/family and friends. . .
They may remind you on something that make you mad. .
But as for your own good, they have to hurt your feeling. .
Now , or never. .
Or you will suffer forever. .
Last but not least. .
Have your faith on whom you love. .
It might look like you never had any future together. . .
But as long as your faith stay still, the chance will come to you. .
You will be able to stay together. .
Believe me. .
I tell this because I am experiencing it right now. .
Dear, whether we were together or not, my faith will still lay on you. . .
This is what my heart saying right now. . .

I'm Home. .

Yes. .
I'm home. .
Home sweet home. .
There is nothing good than to be home again. .
I arrived here around 3pm. .
Urghh. .
My butt aching. .
Been in a bus for almost 5 hours. .
Finally I can hug my Mom. .
Aww. .
How relaxing and feel so secure doing it. .
By her side again, I'm happy. .
I hope. .
I can clean my mind from any problems here. .
Okay. .
I wear sort of like a new style today and my friend call me 'fashionista' .
Aww. .
So shy..
Okay, Thats all for today. .
We shall see again later. .
Farewell. .~

Reaching to The End. . .~

Yea. .
2011 almost reach to its end. .
10 hours from now I will be at the station bus heading back to Kluang. .
And it also mean I can't meet him till this year end. .
It's been a while. . .
Yea, I miss him too. .
I don't know why I've this thought. .
He care about me like a lot when we're friend before. .
Sigh. .
Such a miserable mind I had when I'm alone . .
I just hope he still there for me. .
Or just leave if he found someone else better. .
I miss him a lot!!
Don't he just know that. .?
Can't you just say it too. .?
have your love towards me fade away. .
Please do not torture my heart. .
Leave if you want to. .
I love you okay!
Am I wrong being a little bit ego cause I want you to take the first move. .?
Am I. . ?
Tell me if I am. .
I don't know when will we meet again. .
Next year, I'll be totally busy with all the pack schedule. .
Can I meet him within that month. .?
And he. .
Will never ask me out. .
Believe me. .
Well. .
Just let it be. .
No matter how much I love him it won't work if he doesn't feel the same way to me. .
Fine than. .
I hope I'll have a better year next year.. .
Just like what one of my lecturers told me. .
We shall see again later when I reach Kluang guys. .
Farewell. .~

Friday, 23 December 2011

Hari Ini. . .

Assalamualaikum. .
Dan Selamat Tengahari semua. .
Dan selamat bercuti juga buat warga UiTM. .
Saat ni, roommate aku semua dah balik. .
Kawan-kawan aku pun kebanyakannya dah balik rumah masing-masing. .
Tinggal lah aku sendirian dalam bilik ni. .
Aku balik Johor esok. .
Amat tak sabar. . !!!
So, apakah aktiviti aku hari ni. . ?
Hmm. .
Lets think about it. .
Mula-mula nak basuh baju dulu. .
Lepas tu. . . .
Ermm.. .
Tak tao nak buat apa lagi dah. .
Nak keluar pergi makan. .
Tapi sorang je. .
Amat malas. .
Takpayah makan la kot. .
Then. lepak lah dalam bilik menanti hari esok agaknya. .
Hmm. .
Ye. .
Aku sememangnya amat memboringkan. .
Macam tak ada life. .
Tak ada kawan pun ye jugak. .
Entahlah. .
Agak sadis kot hidup aku ni. .
Okay lah all. .
Sampai sini je dulu entry saya kali ni. .
Amat membosankan kan. .?
Kita jumpa lagi nanti yaa. .?
Daa. . .~

Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Memory Before Break . . .

Fuhh. . !
What an energetic night I just have with my classmates. .
Yeah, it do tiring but also enjoying. . !
We're giving out a memory before this semester break start. .
Yeah. .
I am lucky to have such sporting members in my classmates. .
We're playing badminton. .
It's been awhile since my last time. .
Wow. .!
Played with my friends who are expert on it, make me embarrass. .
I'm going to miss them so much during the break. . !
Believe me. .
For those who are present tonight, you all really gave me a good memory of us. .
Thanks to all of you. .
I do have sadness in my heart. .
But, let just forget about it. .
I don't want to ruin this great moment I have. .
I hope we can always together till the end of. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Can just something happen and make me forget about my worry. . ?
Yes it can. . .
I just need friends by my side to do so. .
Thanks for being my friends . . .
We shall see again later . .
Farewell. . ~
**Forgot to take our picture**

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

YES! ! !

Yes. .!
Why did I came out with this title. .?
Cause I thing there's a lot of thing I need to be 'YES' about. .
LOL . .
First thing. .
Yes! He finally come to his sense back. .
But, maybe only 75% of it. .
Sigh. .
Anyway, he came back, at least. .
Second thing. . .
Yes! I've done watching a Korean drama just now. .
What a sweet happy ending. .
The drama I mention about entitled 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho'
It is an interesting drama. .
You should watch it if you haven't. .
The third thing not really gonna be a yes, but more to yea. .
Yea. .
I can see improvement on my old friends. .
All of them got prettier and cuter. .
I am happy for them. .
And knowing that my ex-high school friend missing me, I'm missing her too. .
Wah. .
My friend just come over my room. .
She already cut her hair as I suggest. .
Really cool and she really really look like a Chinese. . !
**Yes, she is a mix of Chinese and Malay**
She is so pretty. .!
Sigh. .
Thinking of how fast a person can change, will he also. . . . .?
Sighing again. .
I'm missing my family right now. .
The time passing by so fast. .
Its Thursday tomorrow. .
And I'll be back on Saturday. .
Just a few more days left. .
I really can't wait for that. .
I am changing too. . !
I think I look _ _ _ _ _ _ . .
Fill in the blank. .
Just remember. .
I was helping my friends in their assignment on a role play. .
Only become the supporting actor can make me exhausted. .
How about becoming the important one in our **my group** movie later on. .?
Yes. .!
It is a pleased to help out friends in need. .
Glad for that too. .
Thinking about coming year in just few more days too, I can see I'll go through a really busy time. .
Being trusted by my friend to become the Captain of our handball team**which haven't given a name yet**, I'll do my best and put my effort as long as my commitment into it. .
Yeah. . !!!
I'll do the very my best in everything I do. .
Guys, pray for my success , will you. .?
As I also will always for your success and happiness. .
We shall see again later chingu. .!
Annyeong. .~^^
Farewell. . . ~

Sunday, 18 December 2011

You've Changed. . ?

Dear. .
Have you really changed. .?
Or it was just my feeling. .?
You're not like you used to be before. .
Are you acting like this because you're tired or else. .?
Tell me the truth dear. .
I can't hold into it myself. .
Do tell me honestly what your feeling were saying. .
I do really love you. .
Can't you just say that you love me like before. .?
I miss you dear. .
Miss you a lot!
How could you do this to me. .
Thinking of our future together, I saw nothing but a dark path. .
Why is this happening to me. .?
Hope you recover soon. .
Me . .
We shall see again later. .
Farewell. .~

This Time Around. . .

Those loneliness side of me came up again. .
Keep knocking me to accept it although I don't want to. .
But I can never lie to myself. .
I admit that I am that lonely inside here so the loneliness came and gave me a visit. .
Am I too used of being left behind by others. . ?
My special one busy with his study. .
Work till midnight. .
I even felt guilty if "I disturb him. .
But I just can't deny that I miss him so much. .
Same goes as my family. .
But luckily they were easy to go through as I can contact them easily. .
These feelings keep playing in my heart. .
Make me unease and kept thinking about it. .
Now, I am all alone too. .
Whether mentally or physically. .
I've been just well for past few days. .
I just write out what am I feeling right now cause I can't keep it all myself. .
But I want to ask only for one thing. .
Just please. .
Ask me nothing about this entry if you know me. .
I spit it here and let it remains here. .
We shall see again next time. .
Farewell. .~
**Can't u just say that u love me before I said it to u**

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

At This Time. .

Assalamualaikum. .
And Hi to all who visit my blog or read this entry. .
As u all know, I'm using blog to actually express my feeling. .
At this time, the emptiness fill in my mind and my heart. .
I rather stay busy with all University stuff besides having nothing to do. .
Well, I suppose to work harder this semester as it is my last semester for foundation. .
I have to do so cause I want to score well in my final later on. .
Yea, everyone getting busy with their business. .
So am I. .
I should busying myself too. .
I will, so don't have to worry much. .
I'm going back to Kluang next week. . !
Can't wait. .
Seriously. .!
This time around, I miss my family more than ever. .
Especially my Mom. .
I swear I'll hug her like there is no tomorrow for us. .
Miss her damn so much!!
Sigh. .
I think thats all for this entry. .
We shall see again later guys. .
Farewell. . !

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

New Phone. . !!

Yeay. . !!
Purchase a new phone with my own money. .
My first phone with my own money. .
Wanna know what phone it is. .?
A cute phone. .
This is it. . !!
Cute isn't it. . ?
Bought this phone yesterday with my love. .
So, I can say that one of my dream has come true. .
Okay, thats all for this entry. .
We shall see later guys. .
Farewell. . ~

Forever Alone. .

Such an emotional title right. .?
Well, it has nothing to do about being dumped or everything related to it. .
My friend once told me that she felt the feeling of forever alone when there was a time she watched a romantic movie alone by herself and near to her were the couples. .
When it comes to the scene which make the girls cry, the boys seeing like comforting them, but not for her. .
He was alone that time. .
No one would wipe her tears and comfort her. .
That was the feeling of forever alone. .
Well, I felt a little bit the same as what she felt before. .
I was accompanying my friend watching a movie entitled Ombak Rindu last Saturday. .
Because she insist to watch that movie on that day, we have to split. .
I was sitting in the almost the end of the side of the center while she sit the row front of me but the opposite end from me. .
How sad could it be being separated watching love movie without having anyone I know besides. .
Huh. . !
Now, I can exactly understand her feeling that time. .
Gained one experienced from that. .
Well, we need to experience to understand well. .
We shall see on the next entry after this. .
Farewell. .~

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Kenapalah Macam ni. . . .

Assalamualaikum. .
Tadi perjalanan menuju ke toilet kolej dan melihat dua ekor kucing jantan yang saling menaikkan bulu masing-masing dan berlawan suara dan gerlaga kepala..
Amat kelakar kot. .
Yang si Betina dah lama pergi da pun. .
Hummm. .
Nak tunjuk kejantanan mungkin. .
Okay. .
Entry kali ni bukan nak cerita pasal kehebatan kucing atau apa-apa yang sewaktu dengannya. .
Semua tu hanya muqaddimah sahaja. .
Ngee. . ~
Jangan marah haa...~
Nanti kena jual tao. .
Actually, hari ni ialah birthday my love. .
And tadi, satu hari suntuk dihabiskan masa bersama bersama dengannya. .
Ya, amat seronok dan bercampur baur juga dengan perasaan lain. .
Kenapa la mesti jadi masa birthday dia. .
Pissed off kot!
Banyak sangat-sangat benda jadi. .
Sampai aku sendiri tak larat nak cerita. .
Kepala aku amat serabut. .
Fikiran bercelaru. .
Semuanya berkecamuk. .
Dah la. .
Sampai sini dulu. .
Amat bercampuran perasaan. .
Sampai jumpa lagi. .
Daaa. . ~

Friday, 9 December 2011

Just Saying While I Can. .

Dear. .
Sorry for what I've said to you. . .
I know it makes you wonder. .
But I just can't tell u why. .
Your understanding is all I need right now. .
Your comfort can be the blanket of my heart. .
Warm my feeling with your care. .
Thats all. .
Please fulfill it while you have the chance to do so. .
I myself actually don't want bother much about this, but I just can't. .
I keep thinking about what will happen in the future. .
No one knows what will happen tomorrow, right. .?
So, just please do as what I required. .
I'm not asking too much. .
Your love are more than enough. .
Let me feel your love as long a I can. .
So I will have something to be remember of, one day later. .
Dear. . .
There is only you in my heart. .
No other guy will take your place there. .
I'm not saying it because I've found someone else, but it is all about other thing. .
Love you dear. .
Farewell. . ~

Musics of Life. .

Assalamualaikum . .
And Hi to all of u. . 
Starting the entry like I am going to give you a speech. .
Nah, just kidding. .
Well, I've been busy with my University life this past few days. .
Thats why I didn't post any new entry until now. .
It also due to nothing interesting happened to me. .
Entry this time not gonna talk bout my life. .
But I just want to share about my thought with all of you. .
It is about love. .
Yeah, I love writing and talking and discuss thing related to love. .
Not only human to human love, but also to other things and also interest. .
For an example, love towards music. .
Everyone have different taste of music. .
I myself like pop rock, ballad and can mostly accept all genre of music. .
Love towards music could play a big role in our life sometimes. .
We're not only listen to the music, but also feel it through each lyrics stated. .
The music can sometimes accompany your happy time. .
Going through happy music will lighten up your day. .
And did you notice before. .
Once you in a bad and sad mood, a music with sad lyrics and arrangement of sad music will always be your choice that time. .
Those music sort of cure your broken heart sometimes. .
Feel like others also feel and experienced the same way as yours. .
Good music will always make u go through good day. .
Metal music . ?
Mmmm. .
I never tried that kind of music before. .
But as for what I know, that was sort of hard music. .
Someone with hard-hearted type might get along with music like that. .
Too metallic and hard music can give me a headache. .
It is just my opinion. .
Everyone has their own choice and opinion. .
What I like might not the same thing as what you like. .
So the world goes around in every aspect and things of life. .
Okay, till now. .
We shall see again later. .
Farewell. . ~

Monday, 5 December 2011

Palace Of Justice / Istana Kehakiman . . .

Assalamualaikum. .
Hai semua. .
Haa. .
Nampak tajuk kali ni??
Palace Of Justice atau dalam Bahasa Melayu nya dikenali sebagai Istana Kehakiman . .
Pergi ke sini atas sebab class trip. .
Amat best!
Dapat rasa suasana sebenar di mahkamah. .
Aku amat jakun. .
Mahkamah ni amat cantik dan luas dan besar woo. .
Sebelum memulakan lawatan, ada briefing jap pasal mahkamah ni. .
Menggunakan projector. .
Lampu dimatikan and mata rasa nak tertutup lak. .
Briefing tu diadakan di bilik judges **something like that** . .
Dan kami duduk di kerusi para hakim kot!
Ambil berkat katanya. .
Then kitorang dapat melawat perpustakaan kat situ. .
Antara gambar yang sempat di snap. .
Gambar di rak buku. . 

benda ini telah diberi saat nak masuk perpustakaan, tapi aku dah tertinggalkannya saat ambil gambar. . 
Tak ada kenangan dah. .

After that, kami bergerak ke muzium kehakiman pula. .
Haa. . 
Dalam ni pun seronok. .
Banyak patung. .
Dapat bezakan ta yang mana patung. . ?
Mestilah dapatkan. .??

Ok lah. . 
Tak nak letak banyak sangat gambar. .
Akan jadi amat padat pulak nanti. .
Lastly, ada 1 je gambar terakhir. .
Sampai jumpa lagi. .
Daa. . ~

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pernikahan. .

Wahhhh, , ,
Tajuk macam apa lah kan. .
Actually tajuk ni berkaitan dengan apa yang aku alami har ni. .
Eeh. .!
Tapi bukan aku yang bernikah tau. .
Aku hanya menyaksikan pernikahan orang lain dan ini merupakan pertama kali bagiku. .
Haha. .
Tak sangka ambil masa sampai sejam untuk menikah ni. .
Si Lelaki amat terserlah keresahan di wajahnya. .
Memang nervous meyh. .?
Then, ada sedikit kata-kata **dari imam rasanya** tentang pernikahan. .
Tapi, tak habis-habis cakap pasal kahwin dua. .
Aku dengar pun geram. .
Tatao lah Si Wanita tu macam mana. .
Lepas tu, lelaki kena ber-taklik . .
Kena tandatangan surat-surat. .
Dan macam-macam lagi. .
Ni lah pasangan pengantin baru tu. .
Gambar ni di ambil saat pihak Lelaki ingin menyerahkan mas kahwin kepada pihak Wanita. .
Ni pula ialah acara batal wuduk. .
Kena tahan lama kot sebab ramai sangat nak ambil gambar. .
 Pernikahan ni berlangsung di salah sebuah masjid di Jasin, Melaka . .
Petang tu, majlis persandingan berlangsung di rumah pengantin perempuan. .
Tak dapat tangkap gambar sebab amat sesak!
Tema mereka ialah kuning. .
Majlis di rumah pihak lelaki pula akan berlangsung minggu depan di Johor. .
Dan. . !!
Disebabkan pernikahan ini juga aku berkenalan dengan seorang budak lelaki. .
Wahhh. .
Statement hangat tu. .
Mana nak campak kekasih hati sekarang ni. .?
Lek lu. . ~!
Seperti yang di highlight kan. .
Budak ye, umur pun baru lima tahun. .
Namanya Muhammad Irfan Amir . .
Masa dia bagitau begitulah dengarnya. .
Paham-paham je lah bila budak berumur lima tahun yang berkata-kata. .
Budak ni asyik melekat je dengan aku. .!
Sampai makan tadi pun nak aku yang suap. .
Tak nak makan dengan mak dah. .
Pening aku. .
Allah nak bagi aku rasa ada adik lelaki sekejap kot. .
Amat bahagia perasaan ini. .
Inilah budak yang aku perkatakan tu. .
Banyak aktiviti kami bersama. .
Main congkak kot. .
Main ramai-ramai tapi dia tak bagi aku main dengan orang lain. .
Dia tidur kat riba aku, nak gigit aku, aku geletek dia. .
Wahh. .
Tiba-tiba aku rasa rindu dekat adik-adik aku. .
Nak balik rumah. .
Bercerita soal balik rumah, tibalah saat dia perlu pulang ke rumah. .
Ibu dia dah ajak balik rmah ni, dia terus paut erat tangan aku. .
Tak nak balik. .
Lepas aku dah cakap suruh balik baru lah dia nak ikut ibu dia. .
Okeyh. .
Sampai sini dahululah post untuk kali ini. .
Sampai jumpa lagi. .
Daa. . ~

Cute Baby Girl I've Met . .

Okay. . !
Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hi! . .
Got a lot of things to tell my dearest blog actually. .
If yesterday most of my entry were something that make me upset. .
This time, I'm gonna write bout something opposite, means, happy thing!
Okay, I've been at Kajang for a day and has done something new!
I learn how to drive. .
Totally freaking me out and make me nervous. .
Like my aunt said, it is how it look like at the first time. .
So, need to learn more after this. .
Another thing. .
I was helping my aunt at her stall last Saturday. .
And I just met one little cute baby girl. .
I even had a chance to hold her in my arm and snap a pic with her. .
See her yourself. .
See. .
She cute isn't she. .?
Feel like don't want to let her go that time. .
Aww. .
Enough my story of happy part in Kajang. .
We shall see again later. .
Farewell. . ~

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Luahan Hati Saat Ini. .

Sedikit lega saat ini setelaf menelefon ibu dan menangis. . .
Walaupun aku tidak meluahkan perkara sebenar, itu sudah mencukupi. .
Teasa amat ingin memeluk ibu saat ini, tapi apakan daya, jarak menjadi penghalang . .
Kata-kata dari ibu sahaja sudah cukup untuk membina semula semangat aku yang kian hilang kebelakangan ini. .
Entah kenapa, diri ini terasa amat terhina dan diperkecilkan dua tiga hari ni. .
Ya Allah, adakah aku telah menyakiti hati orang lain. .?
Soalan ini ku ajukan semula kepada diri sendiri saat aku disakiti. .
Ya, aku berlagak tabah d hadapan mereka semua . .
Wajahku terukir dengan senyuman walaupun hati dan jasadku sedang dilukai / terluka. .
Tapi tidak bila diri ini bersendiri. .
Air mata mula meronta-ronta untuk mengalir membasahi pipi yang sudah lama kering dengan tangisan. .
Rontaan itu tidak dapat lagi untukku cegah kerana tiada lagi alasan seperti "aku akan diejek" saat ini, kerna, aku sendirian. .
Duhai hati, akan ku jahit kembali luka-lukamu. .
Duhai air mata, telah ku hapus dikau dengan tangan lemahku; bertahanlah selagi kau mampu. .
Duhai diriku, sabar dan tabahlah dikau menghadapi hidup ini. .
Ingatlah, doa ibuku sentiasa mengiringiku. .
Ibu berkata, "janganlah kau bersedih kerana itu akan membuat ibu turut bersedih. Tapi, jalanilah hidupmu dengan kegembiraan jika kau mahu ibu turut gembira."
Ibu, akan ku ingat kata-katamu itu. . !
Aku minta maaf kepada semua yang mengenali diri ini jika aku tidak dapat menjadi yang terbaik untuk kamu..
Aku hanyalah aku. .
Sekian. . . .

I Have My Own Limit. .

Sigh. . .
Starting a post with a sigh. .
I know who I am . .
I was just someone who owe your family too much. .
Thats why I don't wanna talk back even after u just mock me. .
I was raised with good words, not like u. .
You used to those words I don't like. .
Just please, don't use those words to me. !
My heart aching right now. .
Plus with other problems. .
Make me wanna go away far from everyone I know when I think bout it. .
But, I'm not that selfish and childish. .
I am a grown up girl . .
I can separate things personally from my own personal life. .
Yeah, I am smiling in front of you, but here, inside my heart, u never know how it feels. .
Now, I want to remain silent. .
Keep smiling in front of you. .
Will repay back all your good deeds to me and my family. .
Thanks for everything good and bad you've done. .
We shall meet again next time. .
Farewell. .~

Friday, 2 December 2011

Hello December and My Jacob. .

Huh. .!
I hope I can make it this time. .
Hello December and farewell November. .
The time running very fast to me. .
December. .
Gonna be the start of my hectic world at UiTM Shah Alam. .
Its been only two weeks since I started my second semester here, but the assignment given make me feel like we already have two weeks before final exam. .
Sigh. .
Well, what to do. .
I need too work hard on this semester. .
Need to redeem back my last semester result. .
I hope I can do it. .
Yeah. .
Wanna tell ya last night story. .
At the first December, .
I had my break-fasting with my love yesterday. .
Its a beautiful evening for me at that time cause I have him by my side. .
But, cough caught him into it. .
Pity him. .
I hope he can take care of himself very well. .
Seem like I'll catch some fever too. .
Is it because of the weather nowadays. .?
Maybe. .
I won't sleep at my college tonight. .
Will be back at my aunt's house in Kajang. .
And might go to Malacca on Sunday, for wedding ceremony. .
Though, it hasn't been confirmed yet. .
So, cannot be so sure bout it. .
Well, something had happened last evening through out our dating. .
But, just keep it as a secret. .
I just hope he can settle it ASAP . .
Cause my heart can stay still if it happen again . .
It just the outside part of me wanna stay cool. .
Okay, left it behind. .
Now, he is my Jacob **one of the character in twilight** . .
But he don't want to be Jacob. .
He want to be Edward. .
No, he can't. .!
He is still my Jacob. .
The was one time I pinch his hand and he just sound exactly like a wolf. .
Now, it has proven that he is my Jacob. .
Okay guys, I've got class at 11.30 actually. .
Don't wanna stay here for too long or I might be distracted for hours ill i forget my class. .
So, I'll stop here first. .
We shall meet again later. .
Farewell. . ~
my Jacob. . 

This is Jacob after transform into a werewolf . .
Cute isn't it. .