Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Forever Alone. .

Such an emotional title right. .?
Well, it has nothing to do about being dumped or everything related to it. .
My friend once told me that she felt the feeling of forever alone when there was a time she watched a romantic movie alone by herself and near to her were the couples. .
When it comes to the scene which make the girls cry, the boys seeing like comforting them, but not for her. .
He was alone that time. .
No one would wipe her tears and comfort her. .
That was the feeling of forever alone. .
Well, I felt a little bit the same as what she felt before. .
I was accompanying my friend watching a movie entitled Ombak Rindu last Saturday. .
Because she insist to watch that movie on that day, we have to split. .
I was sitting in the almost the end of the side of the center while she sit the row front of me but the opposite end from me. .
How sad could it be being separated watching love movie without having anyone I know besides. .
Huh. . !
Now, I can exactly understand her feeling that time. .
Gained one experienced from that. .
Well, we need to experience to understand well. .
We shall see on the next entry after this. .
Farewell. .~

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