Wednesday, 21 December 2011

YES! ! !

Yes. .!
Why did I came out with this title. .?
Cause I thing there's a lot of thing I need to be 'YES' about. .
LOL . .
First thing. .
Yes! He finally come to his sense back. .
But, maybe only 75% of it. .
Sigh. .
Anyway, he came back, at least. .
Second thing. . .
Yes! I've done watching a Korean drama just now. .
What a sweet happy ending. .
The drama I mention about entitled 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho'
It is an interesting drama. .
You should watch it if you haven't. .
The third thing not really gonna be a yes, but more to yea. .
Yea. .
I can see improvement on my old friends. .
All of them got prettier and cuter. .
I am happy for them. .
And knowing that my ex-high school friend missing me, I'm missing her too. .
Wah. .
My friend just come over my room. .
She already cut her hair as I suggest. .
Really cool and she really really look like a Chinese. . !
**Yes, she is a mix of Chinese and Malay**
She is so pretty. .!
Sigh. .
Thinking of how fast a person can change, will he also. . . . .?
Sighing again. .
I'm missing my family right now. .
The time passing by so fast. .
Its Thursday tomorrow. .
And I'll be back on Saturday. .
Just a few more days left. .
I really can't wait for that. .
I am changing too. . !
I think I look _ _ _ _ _ _ . .
Fill in the blank. .
Just remember. .
I was helping my friends in their assignment on a role play. .
Only become the supporting actor can make me exhausted. .
How about becoming the important one in our **my group** movie later on. .?
Yes. .!
It is a pleased to help out friends in need. .
Glad for that too. .
Thinking about coming year in just few more days too, I can see I'll go through a really busy time. .
Being trusted by my friend to become the Captain of our handball team**which haven't given a name yet**, I'll do my best and put my effort as long as my commitment into it. .
Yeah. . !!!
I'll do the very my best in everything I do. .
Guys, pray for my success , will you. .?
As I also will always for your success and happiness. .
We shall see again later chingu. .!
Annyeong. .~^^
Farewell. . . ~

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