Saturday, 31 December 2011

You Have Been Deleted. . .

Dear You who made me hurt and sad lately. .
I am now declare that you have been deleted from my friend list. .
Congratulation to you. .
I can no longer keep you in my friend list. .
It irritate my eyes you know. . ?
Now, I managed to overcome my feeling and delete you. .
Sorry, I just have to do this. . .
Maybe we can be friend again, one day later, when my heart feel nothing when I face you. .
Well, I know I can't remove you memory completely now. .
But maybe one day later. .
But for now, just disappear from my sight, okay. . ?
I hope you success in achieving your dream. .
As I can say, me, your obstacle isn't with you anymore. .
Go on. .~
We shall see again on the next post. .

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