Sunday, 18 December 2011

This Time Around. . .

Those loneliness side of me came up again. .
Keep knocking me to accept it although I don't want to. .
But I can never lie to myself. .
I admit that I am that lonely inside here so the loneliness came and gave me a visit. .
Am I too used of being left behind by others. . ?
My special one busy with his study. .
Work till midnight. .
I even felt guilty if "I disturb him. .
But I just can't deny that I miss him so much. .
Same goes as my family. .
But luckily they were easy to go through as I can contact them easily. .
These feelings keep playing in my heart. .
Make me unease and kept thinking about it. .
Now, I am all alone too. .
Whether mentally or physically. .
I've been just well for past few days. .
I just write out what am I feeling right now cause I can't keep it all myself. .
But I want to ask only for one thing. .
Just please. .
Ask me nothing about this entry if you know me. .
I spit it here and let it remains here. .
We shall see again next time. .
Farewell. .~
**Can't u just say that u love me before I said it to u**

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