Monday, 27 June 2011

lonely. . . . . . .

I wonder why this feeling must be a part of myself. .
Although there are many people in my life and around me, I don't know why this feeling keep haunting me. .
Am I a person like having my own world or I can't get along with those people around me?
I only hope I can manage myself well, and get rid of this loneliness symptom out of myself. . 
But I think there should be someone that can guide me towards happiness in my life. .
Suddenly I thought that this fell haunting me in because of a lot of problem that I haven't settled it out yet. .
Then, what should I do. . ?
A lot of friends around me didn't seem gave me much help in getting of from this problem. .
Sometimes, I rather being alone than get in into a group that full by liars of their members. . 
I think I'll stop here cause I myself didn't know what else should I write in this entry. .
I think I've got a big burden on my head cause it is too heavy right now. .
My friend, this entry didn't mean to insult you guys, but it is something that come out from my head. .
Ok all, we shall see at the next entry. .
Dadaa. . . . . .

Saturday, 25 June 2011


ter tnye2 ta npe tetbe leyh ckp sal music lax ney..
ta d apa pn sbnrnye..
actually na tye kowg sumthng,...
ap first thing yg korg ter pk ble dgr background music blog aq ney?
ha,sudh semestinye!
tept sekali!!!!!!!
aq ney pemint KOREA!!!
ney adlah antara lgu yg aq ske...
itu shj larh yg aq na post wt kli ni..
next time.i'll post something else,k?

Monday, 20 June 2011

i am single, not available, but it is considerable!

There is one of my posts telling you guys about my boyfriend. .
We've being as a couple for almost 2 years. .
Actually,we were practicing long distance relationship since he stay in Selangor  while me myself at Johor. .
Going through our almost 2 years relationship, we were only met less than 10 times. .
Now, I am furthering my study at Selangor, as the same region as his house. .
I thought our relationship would be full of fun and we will having more time to spend together. .
But I was absolutely wrong. .
Yes, it is true that we have a lot of time to spend  together. .
But as I closer to him, his real face of attitude revealed. .
I don't wanna talk about what has he done to me, but one thing for sure. .
Hmx, maybe can, but to accept him back as my lover, absolutely no!
After broke up with him, I only have one aim, that is. .
To concentrate on my study and make people around of me proud of my success..
Now, I am SINGLE, not AVAILABLE, but it is CONSIDERABLE. .
Now, I am free to hang out with my friends even though it is he..

trip to i-city. . .

thats the only word I can come out with after my trip to the i-city with my other classmate..
That was very fun and enjoyable trip ever!
I like the sliding activity the most!
It make me so excited...!
Several funny plus embarrassing event have happened to me...
I felt down at the snowalk location for several time because it was too slippery that time..
It was totally embarrassing!!
And yet,my back was totally in pain after felt for the second time..
Feeling like crying that time..
However,the trip was totally cool and worthed to me..

Monday, 13 June 2011

so full of myself,huh?

Just now I realize how fool I am.. I am embarrassing myself in front of him. . Before this, he might seem like easy  to befriend with, but as the time passes and look up the girls he socialize with, I feel that I am not as the same level as he is. . He might be forced  to do work with me before this although his mouth didn't say so even when I ask him to tell the truth about what am I asking him that time. . The answer he gave to me only to comfort me, I guess. . Huhu. . Now, since I realize who I am and not deserve to be with him even as a friend, I might stay away from him starting from this moment. . All his acts really gave me the clue that he didn't even like to be close with me. . I admit that I am sad, but I have to accept this fact.  . From now on and onwards, no more him on my mind. . I am glad that our memories only last for a short moment. . I just maybe can't get rid of him if our relationship last longer. . And seeing his attitude like a westerner, I might just stay away from him. . Hmx, enough till here. . When there are issues and news, I'll be typing in this blog again my fellows. . Dadaaaaa! ! =)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

i am sorry my friend.....

I just don't know whats wrong with me until I said those bad words to you... but from the bottom of my heart, I do really sorry about that. I've slip my tongue my friend. I just don't know what to do to ask for your forgiveness.. I just don't know what am I doing just now because I have a lot of things in my mind right now.. maybe it is about having a clash recently and anything else,maybe I don't purposely release all of my tensions toward you.. I just call you.. And suddenly, you said you forgive me... Just imagine how happy I am that time.. And we were also make a promise to be friend forever,... My beloved friend, I am glad to have you back in my life.. Enough till now. Love you my friend!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

have the worse day ever..

I just don't know what was actually happen to me....
I feel like want to commite suicide,,
I just need someone who can comfort me right now...
I don't wanna be with him anymore....
I will just maybe focusing in my study right now and achieve what was I dreaming about the whole of my life...
For me,I'll assume this as a lesson for me..
I hope that I'll be in the right path troughout my all life in this world and the hereafter..
Between parents and boyfriend,who should I choose?
For sure the answer are my parents..
Between education and boyfriend,who should I pick?
Of course the education cause education promising a better future for us than our boyfriend..
So,from now on,I hope I can focus to my study and make my family proud of me..
I don't want to dissappoint them,humiliate and let them down...
Mom, dad.. . . . . . . ., .
I love you all so so much!!!!
You were the best parents I ever had and if I had a wish, I want to live with both of you till the end of my ife..
Even if I have been offer to change my life, the only thing that I want to change is give my parents a luxurious life so they can have an easy life..
I am hoping so much that I could pay them back...