Wednesday, 31 August 2011

hAppy indEpEndEncE dAy malAysiA. . .!

Today, at 31 August 2011, Malaysia officially reach its 54th anniversary. .

I am only an ordinary Malaysian who did not have any big knowledge to talk about Malaysia. .
I am happy to be here, born as a Malaysian, a peaceful and wonderful country. .
I hope that I can continue enjoying my life in this peace country. . .
Last but not least. . . .
                        HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY MALAYSIA. . .  ! ! !

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

sElamAt hAri rAyA. . ! ! !

Alhamdulillah ku panjatkan syukur kepada Ilahi kerana dengan izinNya aku masih di dunia ini menyambut lebaran yang mulia ini bersama keluarga tercinta. .
Hahaha. .
Gembira rasa dapat beraya lagi hari ini. .
Walaupun dah besar, masih dapat duit raya tao. .
Hehe. .
Rezeki. . . rezeki. . .^^
Walaupun penat tapi masih gembira meh. .^^
Tema raya aku tahun ini ialah BIRU...! ! !
Hehe. .
Tema korang lak. .?
haa. .
Sampai sini dulu lah ye. . ?
sElAmat hAri rAyA aiDiLfitRi semua. . . .!^^
 Dadaaaa. . .

Monday, 29 August 2011

cinta sang perawan. .

Hidup ini bagaikan lautan luas yang merentangi keindahan bumi. .
Daku umpama seekor ikan kecil yang tersesat di tengah lautan. .
Mencari-cari arah yang harus aku tujui. . 
Destinasi yang belum aku pasti. .
Di tengah lautan itu, laut tiba-tiba berkocak. .
Ombak bergelora menampari tubuh kecilku. .
Ku turutkan kehendaknya sehingga aku tiba di suatu tempat yang sungguh berbeza dari sebelumnya. .
tidak pernah aku mengalami suasana sebegigi. .
Suasana yang memaksa aku agar tabah menghadapi segala dugaan. .
Lama kelamaan, aku pasrah dengan takdir. .
Ku semai benih-benih ketabahan di dalam dadaku. .
Kini, aku mulai mengerti. .
Ketabahanlah peneman setia di kala aku ditempuh dugaan. .
Tapi, aku sebenarnya bukanlah seorang yang tabah. .
Diriku mudah digoncang ombak. .
Ketabahanku menghilang. . .
Titisan air mata mendi galang gantinya. .
Tapi, titisan-titisan air mataku bagai meengis dalam hujan. .
Tiada siapa dapat mengenal kesedihan yang sedang bertamu di ruangan hati ini. .
Tiba-tiba mataku terpaku; tertancap pada cahaya yang akan mengubah hidupku selamanya. .
Perlahan-lahan aku susuri cahaya yang menerangi jalan di hadapan pandangan mataku ini. . . . .


Thursday, 25 August 2011

there is nothing between us anymore. .!

This is my final decision. .
I'm officially declare to myself that there is nothing between two of us anymore. .!
I'm done with him. .!
I've been hurt for too long. .
Now, it just a perfect time to cut it off forever. .
I just find out that you already have another girl. .
You also switch off your phone make me can't reach you. .
One thing that cross my mind is, why don't you just say it if you're sick with me. . ?
Remembering this thing can make me mad. .!
Better off to another topic right now. .
A new life without him. .

Ok. . !
Thats all for my entry this time. .
We shall meet later. . 
Dadaaaaa. . !^^

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

is this what we call fall in love at the first sight?

I don't know what really happening to me. .
This is the first time we met after we known each other for a quite long time. .
He's not that handsome, not even fair or else. .
But I just don't know why at the first time I look at him, my heart said "aww. .  he's cute". .
Ever since from that I always thinking bout him. .
Throughout our hang out, I don't really have the guts to look at his eyes, even at his face. .
I don't know why. .
Maybe I scared that I will fall in love with him. .
What am I supposed to do. . ?
Something happened to me, and then he comfort me. .
Isn't that sweet. . ?
Maybe it just a feeling right. .?
Sooner or later it will just go like the wind blow. .

It just almost the same as the picture above. . 
huh. . 
Ok then, I'll stop now. . 
We shall meet again later. . 

Monday, 22 August 2011

awww. . . . how I miss them!

I just opened the pictures that have been snapped by my webcam. . 
When it comes to my sisters pictures, my heart suddenly thought of them. . 
I know that I've been a fierce eldest sister to them. .
But that doesn't mean that I didn't love them. . 
I do really love them so much. .
I just don't know how to express my love towards them. .
People maybe says that I'm protecting my ego by doing that, but I think it is not true at all. .
It just not my way to say that I love them in direct way. .
I know I can always do that, but they will get weird if I'm acting like that. . 
So am I. . 
Sometimes, I was so upset if they being rude to me. .
Even it seem like a small matter to everyone else, it is just not in my view. .
Maybe the way I correct them a little bit harsh, but that doesn't mean I hate them. .
Looking at their pictures just now make me realize how much I miss them. . 
To all my dearest sisters, I am so missing you guys a lot. .!
Even though you all might not be able to read this, but this is the only way I express how I feel right now. .
I really can't wait for this Friday. .
I want to meet all of you. .
Want to hug you. . 
But, that might not happen. .
I know. .
Just let me keep the dream myself. .
Selfish huh. ?
My tears, please hold on. .!
Please don't run out at this time. .
Just let me cry in my heart only. . 
Dear God, please let me live at least till this Eidm so that I can celebrate it with all my family. .
Why must u show up now??!
Ok. . 
We shall see later. . ^^

Friday, 19 August 2011

why must now. . ?

I just couldn't understand why. .
I mean why must this thing happen after i made up my mind. ?
#sigh. .
What should i react then. . ?
In this situation, I getting blur in preparing my step that I should take. .
He suddenly show up after I've decide to leave him. .
Why is this happen to me. . ?
Is this a good sign shows that he really want me or else. . ?
I just don't know what to do. .
My friend told me to wait for another week to see how it goes, whether he still remember me or not. .
Make me confuse with my own decision and my feeling towards him . .
Awww. . . .
What should I do. . ?

Ok then. . 
I think my entry this time will end here. . 
We shall meet later on my next entry. . 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

i guess. . .

I don't know what should I do to make this relationship stay still. .
Huh. . .  #sigh. .
I've thought of doing something. .
And I've decided it already. .
I guess it is the best for us to stay far each other. .
I knew that he won't call me if he miss me. .
I'm the only one who called him whenever I miss him. .
Since I know that he wouldn't call me no matter what, I've decided to not to call him too. .
I want to make our relationship forgotten by both of us. .
Maybe it's a little bit hard for me, but what to do. .
I've to do this, or else I will suffer at the end. .
To who related. .
I just wanna say goodbye. .
You won't receive any call from me anymore starting from this day. .
Except, you're the one who take the first step. .

Thats all I wanted to speak out in this entry. . 
Ok, we shall meet again in the next entry. . 
Dadaa. . ~

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

my life....: hangout. . !

my life....: hangout. . !: "Yey. . !! Got one of meaningful event today. . I went hangout with some of my classmates. . At McDonald. .! Aiyoo. . ! Forgot to take p..."

hangout. . !

Yey. . !!
Got one of meaningful event today. .
I went hangout with some of my classmates. .
At McDonald. .!
Aiyoo. . !
Forgot to take picture lol. .><"
We had joy together by exchanging our stories when at school before. .
Awww. . .
So sweet. . .  <3
I don't know. .
This kind of activity just can strengthen our friendship. .
Hihik. .!
Hope that we can have other hangout like this again. .
Ok all. .
We shall meet again later. .
Dadaa. . .~

Monday, 15 August 2011

what should I do. . ?

I just don't know what is exactly happening between us. .
When I asked him, do you love me. .?
He'll answer, "yes I do. You're the only one who didn't love me."
He always said that. .
Throwing all the blame to me again. .
But I've try a lot of ways to work out our relationship. .
But it seems there is only me in this relationship. .
Where did he go. . ?
Why don't he help me working out our relationship. .
The excuses he love to give is,"sorry dear,I'm busy right now."
Never mind then if he really busy with his works. .
But what about he appeared to be online but never even say hi to me. .?
Is it can be acceptable. .?
When I call him, a lot of excuses come from his mouth. .
Want to do that, want to do this. .
But in the end, he stay online till the morning without even give me a message. .
Didn't notice me. . ?
How the reason can be acceptable if I already give him messages to make him notice about my presence. .?
I was thinking of break-up with him. .
But, he don't want to let me go. .
I just don't understand why. .
What else did he need from me if he is neglecting me. .?
Huh. . .
So confusing. .
I just don't wanna to think about it anymore. .
Just let it flow as the time passes. .
Ok all. .
We shall meet again on the next entry. .
Dadaaaaaa. .!
=.=" ~

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

happy birthday to me. . !

This is my first time birthday without my family by my side. .
Sharp at 12 o'clock, I wish myself happy birthday and suddenly my tears run out of my eyes. .
I don"t know why this could happen. .
My old friend still remember my birthday, and yet, my Ex also. .
I'm touched, honestly. .
till here. .
we shall meet again. .