Wednesday, 24 August 2011

is this what we call fall in love at the first sight?

I don't know what really happening to me. .
This is the first time we met after we known each other for a quite long time. .
He's not that handsome, not even fair or else. .
But I just don't know why at the first time I look at him, my heart said "aww. .  he's cute". .
Ever since from that I always thinking bout him. .
Throughout our hang out, I don't really have the guts to look at his eyes, even at his face. .
I don't know why. .
Maybe I scared that I will fall in love with him. .
What am I supposed to do. . ?
Something happened to me, and then he comfort me. .
Isn't that sweet. . ?
Maybe it just a feeling right. .?
Sooner or later it will just go like the wind blow. .

It just almost the same as the picture above. . 
huh. . 
Ok then, I'll stop now. . 
We shall meet again later. . 

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