Wednesday, 17 August 2011

i guess. . .

I don't know what should I do to make this relationship stay still. .
Huh. . .  #sigh. .
I've thought of doing something. .
And I've decided it already. .
I guess it is the best for us to stay far each other. .
I knew that he won't call me if he miss me. .
I'm the only one who called him whenever I miss him. .
Since I know that he wouldn't call me no matter what, I've decided to not to call him too. .
I want to make our relationship forgotten by both of us. .
Maybe it's a little bit hard for me, but what to do. .
I've to do this, or else I will suffer at the end. .
To who related. .
I just wanna say goodbye. .
You won't receive any call from me anymore starting from this day. .
Except, you're the one who take the first step. .

Thats all I wanted to speak out in this entry. . 
Ok, we shall meet again in the next entry. . 
Dadaa. . ~

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