Monday, 15 August 2011

what should I do. . ?

I just don't know what is exactly happening between us. .
When I asked him, do you love me. .?
He'll answer, "yes I do. You're the only one who didn't love me."
He always said that. .
Throwing all the blame to me again. .
But I've try a lot of ways to work out our relationship. .
But it seems there is only me in this relationship. .
Where did he go. . ?
Why don't he help me working out our relationship. .
The excuses he love to give is,"sorry dear,I'm busy right now."
Never mind then if he really busy with his works. .
But what about he appeared to be online but never even say hi to me. .?
Is it can be acceptable. .?
When I call him, a lot of excuses come from his mouth. .
Want to do that, want to do this. .
But in the end, he stay online till the morning without even give me a message. .
Didn't notice me. . ?
How the reason can be acceptable if I already give him messages to make him notice about my presence. .?
I was thinking of break-up with him. .
But, he don't want to let me go. .
I just don't understand why. .
What else did he need from me if he is neglecting me. .?
Huh. . .
So confusing. .
I just don't wanna to think about it anymore. .
Just let it flow as the time passes. .
Ok all. .
We shall meet again on the next entry. .
Dadaaaaaa. .!
=.=" ~

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