Thursday, 25 August 2011

there is nothing between us anymore. .!

This is my final decision. .
I'm officially declare to myself that there is nothing between two of us anymore. .!
I'm done with him. .!
I've been hurt for too long. .
Now, it just a perfect time to cut it off forever. .
I just find out that you already have another girl. .
You also switch off your phone make me can't reach you. .
One thing that cross my mind is, why don't you just say it if you're sick with me. . ?
Remembering this thing can make me mad. .!
Better off to another topic right now. .
A new life without him. .

Ok. . !
Thats all for my entry this time. .
We shall meet later. . 
Dadaaaaa. . !^^

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