Thursday, 30 May 2013

Memories Never End~

          Hi and assalamualaikum guys. . .~ ! Okay, post kali ni biar bahasa rojak pulak as I have mixed feelings on writing it. HAHA! Harini dah 30 May 2013. Tadi lah jugak last day for all the classes of my second semester here in UPM. Dan harini juga lah tepat dua minggu lepas teater muzikal Les Miserabls selamat dipentaskan. Lot of things happened within this semester. Sweet, sour, bitter, joy and every feeling you can have. First, I would like to tell about my experiences in Les Miserables play.

          Actually, I joined this play accidentally. Went to the audition because of my friend and get chosen to be part of the cast. Though I am only playing minor role, I feel honored to get involved. At first, I was assigned as a Factory Woman. Then, throughout the training session, I were asked to be a beggar and also a student rebel. I accepted it with a light heart as I love theater so much! At first, I never thought it will be this meaningful to me. To be friend and close with them in the real life has never across my mind as I didn't know them and I've been too quiet throughout the training session. Until it come to our first full dress rehearsal. Only at that time I can feel that I am connected to them by chemistry. I even be more me at that time.  Haha. I love them after I get to know them. They were all crazy like me man! (might be even crazier) Haha. XD. The play once I thought would never be a successful play has successfully played. Well done all. Have nothing else to say other than I miss all of us. Here's the pictures~ !

*Factory Workers*

*flasyh Bishop (Taylor)*

*Me as beggar*

*Me as Student/Rebel (handsome isn't it?)*

*with my 'baby girl'*

*I like us*

*Cossette 1*


*Late dinner after Day 1 staging*

*Me with Little Cossette*

*Me with Javert (I like his voice)*

*with two policemen*

*Me and Valjean (Abadi)*

*cool me XP*

*With Enjolras (Fadzly)*

*with Geraldine*

*Me and this cute Korean (Peter)*

*our last huddle*

          Moving on to second topic, which is Rugby Touch! Percaya tak saya join rugby touch ni haa? Even jadi reserved je, training kaw kaw baq hang! sweating like hell after habis training. Masa masuk handball dulu pun tak macam ni. But, sweating makes me feel sexy. LOL. But, I do enjoy this sport. Join sebab roommate ajak. Hehe. Tapi memang teringin nak join pun dari last sem. Tak sangka dapat join betul-betul sem ni. Harap dapat join lagi. Dan sekarang, gambar lagi! :D

*my beloved roommate, Wana*

*I like this picture so much!*

          Benda ketiga ni, tak tahu lah nak reveal ke tak. Sebab benda tu tak pasti lagi. Tapi takpe, saya reveal sikit. 26hb lepas, saya ada pergi satu uji bakat ni, untuk jadi pengacara. Keputusan tak keluar lagi. Tapi harap-harap sangat dapat ke peringkat seterusnya. Terkejut juga actually bila dapat panggilan untuk pergi audition ni, tapi dengan kyakinan dan restu bersama sokongan, gagahkan diri pergi. Audition tu kat SSTwo Mall, Petaling Jaya. I went there alone. From UPM to KTM Serdang to KL Sentral to Taman Paramount to SSTwo Mall. From Bus to KTM to LRT and walking for like half an hour all by myself. Hari tu banyak sangat dugaan, tapi pada masa yang sama, saya rasa Allah menolong saya permudahkan urusan haritu. Alhamdulillah. Harap usaha saya ada hasilnya. Teringin sangat untuk taknak susahkan parents and family lagi. Kawan-kawan, doakan saya berjaya okay? ~^^ Terima kasih.

           Last thing yang saya nak bagitahu pada siapa yang membaca blog saya ni, saya akan ke Korea bukan Julai ni. . .! Yeay me! But for educational purpose actually. Nevertheless, it still Korea man! Me love it. Doakan semoga urusan saya dipermudahkan okay? Insya-Allah tersampai hasrat nak jejak kaki ke Korea selama ni. Hehe. Ada yang nak hantar saya kat airport tak? Haha! Just kidding.

          Kesimpulannya, saya dah crita benda yang dah lama sangat terpendam dalam hati ni. I may not be good with words, but I can express it well in writing. Kepada semua kawan-kawan saya di luar sana, semoga anda juga mendapat apa yang anda hajatkan dan insya-Allah berjaya dunia akhirat. Dah macam karangan kan? Harap korang tak bosan. Writing is my passion. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

Just Being Me. .~

          Hi and assalamualaikum. Hello May. Hello home. Hello guys. Yup! I'm home right now. Kluang, Johor. Me loving it. :D April has passed with lots of memories. . And they shall stay as memories. Well, it still early in May, so basically I have nothing much to write about. But one thing for sure, final exam is even nearer now. Too busy with my theaters thingy. Sigh. And yes! Currently joining my college team of rugby touch. Wehoo~! Looks exciting somehow. Joining it in sense of gaining experience. Pray that I'll do well ya?

          Actually, the urge of me writing this entry right now is not because I've been away for too long. But it's because I'm actually feeling somehow upset.I don't know who to blame. But I'm feeling that the biggest blame are there with me. I am a sensitive person. On the outside, I may seem strong, but every pieces of me is broken inside without anyone knowing. I asked her nicely, why did she raised her voice to me? And even more, to Mom? Why? Sis, behave! You're acting is making me upset and worried. When Me and Dad are away, did you really take a good care of the rest? Now you have my doubt. The reason wht I change my topic cause I don't want to make it even a bigger issue. Yeah I know you have problems, but everyone does! You're not the only one who have problem in this world. If you can't hold it in, why don't you share? What am I to you if I can't help you solve your problem? Am I that pointless to you? Am I nothing to you? Or you see me as a danger? I don't understand you my sis. As for me, being the eldest, I always hope that I could have a big sister or a big brother whom I can share my problem with. But I have none and you have me! I really can't understand you and I don't ever think I will. These things making my tears burst out! And I hate it! How can I even face this? I knew Mom's having fever when I can feel her hot cheek when I kissed her. But still, she denied it. Mom, I am really hoping that I could make you and Dad proud of me one day. I promise that I will try harder.

          I have problems too. But I set it aside and decide to become stronger for each new day. But then, there's always a time when I was left alone and all of those problems are coming to me at once. At that moment, I'm clueless as hell. I became like a two-years-old baby asking for her milk. I'm weak. But I try. Cause I believe. . . . . . . .
Till then, Farewell~