Sunday, 24 March 2013


          Hi and Assalamualaikum all. Hew~ Have this little time of mine to update my blog for what happened recently. So, I went to UKM last Friday for watching a mock trial. I am among the earliest person to arrive there between my LWA02A siblings. I arrived around 12pm something and Soso and Matun was waiting for me there. Touched. :') Then, we go to Soso's college, which is KAB and we spent some times together watching back some old videos of us. Aww, that moment. :) I even sleep at her room in that evening while waiting for the rest. Hihiks~!

          And the Mock Trial was totally awesome plus I was with them, my beloved friends a.k.a siblings. Wahab and Naim? Don't want to mention about them. ~_~ Whatever it is, we're still friends. :)

          A picture worth thousand words. So how about this picture? A picture which contain nine different pictures in it. Means, it worth thousand x 9 = 9 thousands words, perhaps. I don't think any caption is needed. It's enough if I knew what was it behind every picture. :)

         So, I was staying at UKM for one night unexpectedly. Luckily I prepared something at that time. Then, the next day is when everyone's leaving. :'( I hope we can meet again. Breakfast together. I like that feeling. :)

          Yesterday, which is Saturday, I straight away go to The Mines from UKM as I have something to buy. Luckily, my dearest roommate willing to accompany me. Love her! :D I am now a grown up teenager. I love to compare before I buy something. :) And I think I am getting good at it. Wehee~ But something unexpected happened. First, I met one of my married cousin at Mines and luckily he treat us Pizza. Second unexpected thing was, we're locked out of our room cause my dear roommate forgot to bring along the key room with her. Luckily we have some friends on the same floor and were resting at their place. Thirdly is, the whole building of my college was black out. And the we remembered that we supposed to join Eart Hour that night. Sigh.

          At the same night, I don't even get to rest well and I received a call telling me to go for training. Huwaaa! Tired! But what to do, it is my duty and part of my responsibility. And training went  bit well. Also, I clear out everything. They willing to accept my pack schedule and coop with my other activities. I feel a lot of relieved now. ^__^

          Guys! Do you know what ? I have to participate in this one show regarding hijab at UKM today, Sunday. And just now, I was actually so busy trying to make up myself. I guess, there are no much difference between before and after. Hurm, have a look. :)

          You guys can see it yourself. Hmm. Okay, whatever! And I bought this one thing I've been dreaming of buying it for quite a long time. What is it? Here it is!

          Hihi. See it ? Does it suit me or not ? Somehow, I feel younger with that spec though. :D Okay, that's enough I guess. It's already 4 in the morning. Should sleep now. Next training at 11am. O_O Till then, Farewell~

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I Had Enough.

          Hi and assalamualaikum. This time, my story will be about what I am feeling right now. And first of all, sorry to everyone related if you somehow read this entry of mine. You know what, I feel like I've been neglected and not important at all in this program. She only focusing on the main lead and abandoned us. But before that, Thanks Allah for granted my pray and make our production's work become smoother. :) Back to topic. First, about the poster. I am fine with that but the next thing which make my heart hurt so much is about the trailer she wanted. And again, she want only the main lead and all of our idea are not 'suitable', she said. I am HURT

          Actually, I know that she don't really want me to be an actress and she should say it earlier. She offered me the title of Assistant Director but I refused and said I rather be an extra. And it's true. I rather be an extra. She now made a character which is 'important', she said and gave it to me. But I will only come out once. Don't you think she should just be honest to me about how 'important' the role is. She want me in the production but treated me this way. She persuaded me to not join other activity but she treated me this way. What is this actually? If she ever ask me again about choosing between this production and the other one, I'll be LEAVING this production for the another one. SERIOUSLY.

          The reason I'm telling it's here, in my blog because it is the only choice I have. I can't tell it to my friends cause I don't think they will really understand how I felt. And I can't also tell my Mom cause for sure she'll ask me to quit if she knew this thing. Even when I told her that I am only an extra she told me to quit. But I am being stubborn and insist of staying. And this is what I got. Now i felt kinda cheated. I've been loyal to get nothing. At this stage, I felt that it is better for me if I join a bigger production as only a crew. I would be GLAD enough.

          Sigh. I'm having headache since morning and I don't know why. Stress? Over what? I can't even think of a single reason. It's already 20th of March now. 11 days left before we're leaving for April. Time, do flies fast. I can't wait to finish this semester quickly. Honestly, I never like UPM. I tried but I can't Don't seem like my heart belongs here. I can't even see a bright nor a dark future of mine. I am LOST and HOPELESS

p/s: Normal people do favor GOOD LOOKING person than it' TALENT. Till then, Farewell~

Monday, 18 March 2013

Saya Minta Maaf.

          Hai dan assalamualaikum semua. Heuh! Lama dah tak update entri kat blog ni kan ? Perasan tak cara penulisan saya dah berubah ? This is because, saya nak biar dia nampak macam lebih teratur mungkin. Tapi kalau korang ada pendapat lain, bagitahu kay ? Nampak tajuk kat atas tu ? "Saya Minta Maaf" Haaa! Saspen tak baca tajuk tu ? Hihi. :D

          Okay, pertama sekali, saya nak minta maaf kat blog saya yang tercinta ni sebab dah lama gila tinggal dia kesepian tanpa jengukan dan hidangan cerita yang menarik. Hal ini kerana, (Cewah! Macam buat karangan) saya tersangat sibuk pada semester ini. Lebih-lebih lagi bulan ini. Tak tahu lah kenapa saya boleh terlibat dengan banyak sangat program sem ni, especially this month. Mungkin kerana sikap saya yang ingin mencuba semua benda dan melebarkan bakat saya. Ecehh! 

          Dan hal kedua, nak minta maaf kat diri sendiri. Seriously, kadang-kadang saya rasa macam orang yang dah tak terjaga gila! Diri ni tak dapat cukup rehat pun walaupun kelas hanya tiga hari seminggu. HAHA! Okay, please jangan jealous bab kelas tu okay ? :P

          Okay done about maaf ni. Now back to my life and the story of it. :) Ecehhh, macam best sangat je kan ? HAHA! Okay, tak peduli. Untuk sem ni, benda pertama yang menyebabkan saya sangat sibuk ialah FESTIK which stand for Festival Teater Inter Kolej. Saya lebih senang meletakkan diri saya sebagai pelakon extra dalam teater ini kerana saya SEDAR DIRI. Satu ilmu yang saya dapat, nak jadi pelakon teater kena sedar diri, dan saya aware akan hal itu. :) Saya percaya, bermula dari bawah bukan satu masalah. Inilah masanya untuk saya merebut peluang menimba pengalaman kan ? Biarlah extra sekalipun. Dapat berdiri dan berlakon di atas pentas serta mempersembahkan lakonan saya kepada audiens dah cukup baik bagi saya. Seriously, saya tak pernah sangka saya akan go on with teater ni. Rasa dah macam soul saya pulak. :) Jadi, wish me luck untuk persembahan saya yang ini ? Nak datang saksikan pun boleh. Bertarikh 18 April 2013, jam 8.30 malam bertempat di Auditorium Kejuruteraan UPM. Datanglah kalau sudi. Hihiks! :D

          Akan ada satu hal lagi yang bakal menyibukkan diri saya selepas pementasan FESTIK ini, dan hal itu saya tak nak announce dulu apa sebelum saya pasti siapa saya dalam perkara itu. Haaaa! Saspen tak ? Macam yek-yek je kan ? :P Tapi saya sangat berharap yang walau apa pun yang saya buat, saya masih berada di landasan yang betul. Saya dah nampak contoh yang tak baik dan saya juga dah nampak contoh yang baik. Insya-Allah, saya akan sentiasa mengikuti contoh yang baik. Kawan-kawan, sama-sama bimbing saya dan ingatkan saya, okay ? :)

           Okay! Sebelum saya lupa, saya ada join satu bengkel berkenaan teater ni. Semalam dengan harini, which is tadi lah kan ? Bengkel tu sangat best and superb okay! Saya rasa bersyukur sangat sebab dapat jumpa sendiri orang yang bergiat dalam teater dan dapat tunjuk ajar dari diorang. Ilmu tu rasa sangat bermakna! 

          Rasanya dah tak ada apa lagi yang saya nak cakapkan selain merisaukan pelbagai test yang akan dihadapi pada minggu keenam nanti. Esok walaupun tak ada banyak kelas, ada banyak benda yang saya kena buat. Tak suntik HPV lagi. T_T Maybe akan pergi esok untuk dos terakhir bagi suntikan HPV ni. :D Okay, that's all I guess. Saya nak makan kuey teow goreng ladna ni. Jemput ? :) Wassalam. ~^^

Monday, 4 March 2013

Hey! It's March!

Hi and assalamualaikum all. .
Wow! Time passes by so fast. . ~ !
Maybe for someone else it is not, but for me, yes it is.
A big smile in my face. . .
Can you see. . ?
Okay, you can't.
I am smiling though I have so many works to be done within this month. .
But well, those works are not a problem. .
Usual thing to do when you're living a student life. .
Well actually, I should be doing my assignments right now, but I stopped for awhile cause the feeling of missing writing and updating my beloved blog is going to explode I guess. .
Okay, will not sleep until the assignment done. .
Deal ? Okay. :D
There are a LOT of things I want to tell you guys. .
Okay, firstly about those crushes. .?
Please, stop talking about it. .
It was only during my work time before. .
Now, all of them are just my friend. .
And yes, friends. .
Urgh! Those annoying and sarcastic comments I heard about my crushes. .
It's over dude!
Okay done, that's it.
Maybe I won't tell much, but my upcoming picture will tell you guys, okay ?
Let me be clear with my status again my dear.
I am single, but not available.
Got it ?
Not until I finish at least this second semester. .
Why ? Cause I promised to my self and also my beloved Mom.
So, you don't have the right to question me.
Clear enough ?
Yes, I guess.
Talking bout this relationship thingy, I prefer long distance relationship actually.
Why ? Cause from there you create trust.
Without trust, it's going nowhere.
I might be distanced from him, so what ?
We've got technologies all over the places nowadays. .
I believe, if we love each other so much, have trust on each other, distance will never be a problem
Like NEVER, okay?
Relieved for now. :D
So, what happened to me today ?
Hmm, nothing special I guess. .
Though I have no class for today, I have to go to the Jabatan Pentadbiran regarding something. .
But it doesn't went as easy as it written. .
Tired to write up about it too, hee~
Second time going to the library at UPM and borrowed three books. .
The last time I borrowed books might be during my high school.
Okay, enough chattering around, it's pictures times~! ~^^

*this lil creatures just won't flew away from my friend*

*Don't know why I like this picture so much!*
[Christina & Sam Tsui]

*Bump into them at midvalley.(Sam Tsui & Manager)*

*Trying Bibimbap (Korean food)*

*Out with her and two more*

*Snap a picture while waiting for my friend at book & pc fair today*

*She is! The one who accompanying me today*

*She said that I act cute whenever I wear pinks. LOL*

*See that shoes? Came to UPM today*


So, okay. .
That's all I guess. .
It's already 11:42pm over here.
I really should get back to my assignment. .
Wish all of you a happy life. .
Not to forget, do pray for Sabah, as well as Malaysia. .
May we're protected by Allah and stay at peace.
Till then, Farewell~