Saturday, 24 December 2011

Reaching to The End. . .~

Yea. .
2011 almost reach to its end. .
10 hours from now I will be at the station bus heading back to Kluang. .
And it also mean I can't meet him till this year end. .
It's been a while. . .
Yea, I miss him too. .
I don't know why I've this thought. .
He care about me like a lot when we're friend before. .
Sigh. .
Such a miserable mind I had when I'm alone . .
I just hope he still there for me. .
Or just leave if he found someone else better. .
I miss him a lot!!
Don't he just know that. .?
Can't you just say it too. .?
have your love towards me fade away. .
Please do not torture my heart. .
Leave if you want to. .
I love you okay!
Am I wrong being a little bit ego cause I want you to take the first move. .?
Am I. . ?
Tell me if I am. .
I don't know when will we meet again. .
Next year, I'll be totally busy with all the pack schedule. .
Can I meet him within that month. .?
And he. .
Will never ask me out. .
Believe me. .
Well. .
Just let it be. .
No matter how much I love him it won't work if he doesn't feel the same way to me. .
Fine than. .
I hope I'll have a better year next year.. .
Just like what one of my lecturers told me. .
We shall see again later when I reach Kluang guys. .
Farewell. .~

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