Saturday, 24 December 2011

Faith . .~

Faith . .
Is a thing you have which is the most precious thing in you. .
Faith is a matter which will shape you. .
Once you have faith on something. .
You will become stronger. .
As long as the matter you put your faith in are stronger. .
And same thing happen if something make your faith weaker. .
So, stay strong with your faith. .
Hold onto it strongly and hardly without giving anyone even a chance to destroy your faith. .
Cause once you lost your faith, you might lost your life as well. .
Have your most faith in God, as for me Allah. .
I believe Allah will always help His servants as long as they seek help for Him. .
I need to improve myself better to become a good servant. .
Then, have your faith on your parents. .
They may seems torturing you. .
But once you grown up, you know all they do are for your own sake. .
Put also your faith on your siblings/family and friends. . .
They may remind you on something that make you mad. .
But as for your own good, they have to hurt your feeling. .
Now , or never. .
Or you will suffer forever. .
Last but not least. .
Have your faith on whom you love. .
It might look like you never had any future together. . .
But as long as your faith stay still, the chance will come to you. .
You will be able to stay together. .
Believe me. .
I tell this because I am experiencing it right now. .
Dear, whether we were together or not, my faith will still lay on you. . .
This is what my heart saying right now. . .

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