Sunday, 25 December 2011

It is the End. .

No matter how long I think, I can still find no reason for it. .
You left me just because you have no time for me. .?
You said that you want to make your dream come true. .
Sorry. .
I will can never be your friend. .
It hurt so much inside here, my heart. .
I love you damn so much and you just did this to me. .
Some friends told me that he was blind because left a girl like me. .
Maybe. .
If it is your dream to have something that you dreamed on for a long time. .
Why in the first place you say that you like me too. .?
Are you toying with my feeling. .?
Are you doing this to me cause you know that I love you so much. .?
Is it so. .?
You know it will end up like this right. .?
And now you were asking for us to be a friend. .?
How could I. .??
I don't even have the courage to even hear your voice anymore. .
Just go away from me. .
You'll try to find a time to meet me up as a friend and not as a couple. .?
What a good reason you came up with. .
I hope there will be a silver lining behind all this. .
We shall see again later, I guess. .
Farewell. . ~
**This is how I feel when u first said those words**

**Isn't this exactly what you did to me just now**

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