Sunday, 25 December 2011

New Life. . .~

Last few days I saw my friend post a picture on twitter about ending this year as a single person. .
Now, its happening to me. .
I am ending this year single babe. .!
Hoo yeah!
Well, although I was upset like damn hell yesterday, I want to start a new life today. .
Try not thinking about what happened yesterday. .
Many people out there wanted to see my smile compared to my tears. .
Even it is hard, i have to try. .
Try all my best to erase this bad feelings that hurting me inside. .
One my sisters advice, its okay. .
Find one later when you're 20. .
Hahaha. .
She the only one who can make joke when someone else upset. .
Love you sis. .
My other sister felt almost the same thing as me. .
She start to hate that guy too. .
She always supporting me behind. .
Love you to my sister. .
While the rest of my family members thought that I was crying over a Korean drama last night. .
Funny isn't it. .?
Sigh. .
How am I gonna tell my Mom about this. .
Huh. .
This morning, as I woke up, I hug my Mom. .
Even though she mumbling bout something, she just let me hug her. .
Hmm. .
So relaxing. .
I wish I can do so every day. .
Well, a new year will coming soon. .
I'm gonna start a new life guys. .!!
Support me please. .
We shall see again later guys. .
Farewell. .~

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