Friday, 16 March 2012

Inconvenience . .

Woah~ !
Today is the first day of the final exam and yet, I already faced some inconvenience . .
First~ !
About transportation to the examination hall. .
No bus provided this time. .
Why ? ? ? ?
This has made me to use public bus which is Rapid KL and made me arrived on the time~ !
Means, I have no extra time to prepare myself before the exam. .
The bus stopped far from the examination place made me to walk, and its tiring~ !
Second thing, my drink spilled in my bag . .
Another inconvenience, and cause my calculator to stop functioning. . ~!
Luckily, there were no hard calculation in the exam.  .
Sigh. .
Enough complaining. .
I put the blames on no one cause I myself don't know the truth. .
Maybe it was because its Friday, and the driver has just got back from Friday prayer . .
Let just think positive about it. .
One funny thing my friend asked me just now. .
"Did you studying continuously ? I saw you on twitter at 4 - 5 AM . "
Me studying until that late ?
So not me. .
Even if I'm studying, it didn't continuing . .
Or else I'll explode~ !
I don't know why . .
I just can't sleep early, without taking any caffeine~ ! !
My eyes just don't want to sleep. .
Sigh. .
And about the paper just now. .
Alhamdulillah, it was okay . .
Thank Allah for ease and light up my mind while answering just now. .
Okay, its already Maghrib now. .
Lets perform our prayer. .
Till then, Farewell. .~

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