Saturday, 24 March 2012

Relieved . .~ !

Alhamdulillah. .
Finally, the most killer paper for me for this semester has passed~ !
I manage to answer all question in a calm mind. .
Thank Allah for ease me to answer all of the questions. .
Even there is one question I didn't manage to answer it well because of the times limit. .
One of the 5 marks question. .
Sigh. .
Anyway, I am still glad because I don't feel miserable at all when answering the paper. .
Well, I would like to share a story on last night with you guys. .
Last night is the most freaking night for me cause today is this "killer" paper. .
First, I've been locked out . .
Sigh. .
I didn't bring the room keys when go to toilet because I think my roommate won't go anywhere as she just got back. .
But I was wrong. .
Luckily there's a room of my classmate nearby and ask her help to text my roommate. .
Finally, manage to get back to my own room ..
To be honest, this is the only paper I am not prepared so much but yet felt so damn nervous about it. .
I even shivering at that night. .
Feel like screaming and crying. .
Then, after prayer, I manage to calm a bit and start covering all chapters. .
Alhamdulillah, I manage to cover all, although not thoroughly. .
I slept at 2AM after called one of my besties and woke up at 4.30AM .
I only calmed that morning after a little comfort by my Mom. .
Thanks Mom. .
Well, the paper now has over. .
This means I only got one paper left before I end my Foundation of Law. .
Yeay me. .
Even on a stress mode this morning, I manage to snap a picture with one of my roommates who take the same course as me. .
Coincidentally, both of us wear green baju kurung. .

Nice huh ?
Well, I got gastric in the very end of the exam when I'm trying hard to answer the questions. .
Sigh. .
After that, I was rushing to my room and have a rest. .
Now, a little bit better than before. .
Okay, I shall stop here guys.. 
Till then, Farewell. .~

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