Monday, 2 April 2012

Miss It~ !

Yeah. .
How I miss being in this internet world. .
And how will I miss it soon. .
Believe me. .
Its gonna be a little bit hard for me to keep surfing internet while I'm home. .
And that's mean I gonna let my blog left without any update. .
Believe me~ !
I will absolutely feel tempted to keep posting an entry. .
Oh yea~ !
There were a lot of stories I want to write about here. .
But let me start with a story that annoyed me a bit. .

What made me annoyed of him was by the way he thinking. .
It shows how short are his mind. .
Sorry to say. .
But is it wrong to speak and write or practice English if we're Malay people ?
See. . ?
This such thinking are the main reason why Malay people cannot improve themselves. .
Please my friends. .
Do not narrow your mind over this things. .
We are now a developed country. .
Put your mind together with your words and your body are now. .
Sorry if you hurt by my words but for your info, I was hurt too. .
But this is not a revenge. .
I just want to open your eyes over this matter. .
Sigh. .
Just think about it yourself, will you ?
Okay~ !
Enough about this. .
Then about my life. .
I think I've got my normal life back. .
Now, I can sleep early. .
Not only after 3AM like before. .
Relieved. .
But now. .
I don' know why I kept thinking about my future. .
Am I over thinking about this matter ?
Sigh. .
But one thing for sure.
I am so missing my family~ !
Never mind. .
I'll be home tomorrow. .
Mom, Dad, Sisters, Cats, Bedroom . .
Wait for me okay ? !
I think I'm done with this one. .
To tell you the truth. .
I am not so well today. .
Catch by flue. .
We'll see again next time all. .
Till then, Farewell~


  1. Ignore what people say.. U are who U are,when U think something is Good for U, No one have a right to change it.... :) as friend, I support U 100% .Ok
    Hwaiting Girl~! ^_^

    1. Key. .
      Thanks for always supporting me and standing by my side. .
      I'm really appreciate it. .
      touched.. ;(