Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Interview . .

Well. .
Yesterday is a day when everyone was so busy talking about UKM interview invitation. .
Yeah. .
And I was one of them. .
Before we managed to check, we faced some difficulties at first. .
Can't open the web. .
And yet, we receive a message. .
Tell that we've got a place for interview. .
But when I asked my friend to check for me via web, she said I didn't get it. .
I asked her to check for me cause I can't open the link. .
And she told me that I didn't got it. .
How confused am I at that time. .
Can you imagine it. .
And yesterday, the management from UKM told us to recheck today, and I already did. .
Alhamdulillah, I still got the interview. .
But there's one thing I'm worrying about. .
How am I going there. . ?
Got problem with transport. .
And how am I going to ask for leave. .?
Sigh. .
Ya Allah, do ease my life. .
To be honest, I never got into any interview before this. .
And I admit that I'm kinda nervous. .
I've read someone's status at facebook saying that we should do some revision. .
Sigh. .
Need to open book again. .
Okay, I just pray and wish everything will be fine. .
And want to know some more. .
Two people which used to tease me at class before also got the interview on the same day as mine. .
I'm dead !
Fine. .
Really had enough about this. .
Now, I already publish my second blog. .
Based on my novel I've made myself. .
Do check it out, okay. .
Thats all for now. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~