Friday, 27 April 2012

That Result. . .

Well, hi guys. .
Assalamualaikum. .
Today is the official day for my result. .
Talking about it, do make me a little bit disappointed. .
I shouldn't put too much hope at the first place. .
It always be like this when I put a high target on something. .
To be honest..
I'm not disappointed about my result. .
It actually a better result than last semester. .
What make me a little bit disappointed is I'm disappointing my parents. .
And I couldn't apply for any scholarship. .
Which means, I couldn't lighten up my parents' burden. .
Pity them . .
And because of that, I already have my own plan on the future. .
I just hope that I can continue studying Law subject. .
That's all. .
To all of my friends out there. .
No matter what result you got, congratulation !
You've done your best. . .
There's always something better for us in the future if Allah didn't give it to us now. .
Just keep your faith still. .
Till then, Farewell. .

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