Monday, 23 April 2012

That person we had . . .

Well. .
Hi and Assalamualaikum all. .
So this time, I'm gonna right about general thing. .
Person. .
Yup !
That's true. .
About that one person. .
Well, I'll only talk about five type of person . .
Firstly. .
No matter where we are, there must be a person that we hate. .
Or, that make us annoyed by him/her. .

Agree with me ?
For an example. .
A case on my workplace just now. .
There's a boy who are hyperactive !
He's a good boy, but he don't really have a good manner. . !
I hate people without manner. .
Please consider others' feeling before you do something. .
You can't simply said sorry after what have you done. .
Remember that guys. .
Do consider other's feeling, okay ?
Secondly . .
In a group, there must be a person which are so naive. . !
or we can call him/her a blur person . .

Isn't it true ?
Basically, we tend to have our own group which consist of our best friends. .
And that one friend of us were so naive !
He/she can't even pick-up easily if we're talking about him/her ?
Haha. .
And sometime, I am this kind of person. .
Then, thirdly . .
In a group of people also, there must be a person who are so funny . .

I even laughed before I'm right. .
This is because I'm way so funny !
Well, this funny person will always been funny by only looking at his/her face. .
Yeah, that's right !
I found this one person already. .
We laughed whenever he start talking. .
I don't really know what was so funny about him. .
But yes, he has a funny facial expression. .
I miss him. .
One of my foundation's friend. .
Next is the fourth one. .
There will definitely a person who love to know everything . .
When they start to open their mouth . .
Dang !
The questions given was like a paparazzi . .

I can't stand this type of person sometimes. .
Sigh. .
Need to have a lot of patient to handle this type of person. .
Have a same experienced ?
Do share. .^^
And the last one. . .
There will always be a quiet person who will listen to all of our problems. . .

This quiet person mostly will be a good listener. .
But that doesn't mean a talkative person aren't a good listener. .
You can always share everything with him/her. .
A very good understanding person. .
And might also give you a good advice..
But !
Never make him/her angry. .
Once you lost him/her, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. .
Believe me or not ?
If not, you can try. .
Okay. . !
That's all for "that person we had" topic tonight. .
Just wanna share with all of you. .
I got this idea from what I observed. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~

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