Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Nothing Specific . .

hmmm. .
Hi guys. .
Assalamualaikum. .
It's been a long time since my last entry. .
Without blog, I start writing on my diary back. .
Now I got it back, this is the entry~ !
For those who always looking up for my new post, this is it. .
Well, nothing specific this time. .
I'll tell about my life, randomly. .
Well, I got home safely from my auntie's place at Kajang. .
Of course I am happy. .^^
Never have doubt on it. .
Currently, I'm already working at baby's shop. .
Namely QQ Kids City . .
Work as a promoter. .
The work is okay, can eat, can online also. .
And the pay is also satisfying. .
Okay. .
Just finish washing my clothes. .
Phew. .
And today is my off day .
Manage to have a grocery shopping with my Mom. .
Then, right after we reached home, my father asked me to fetch up my sister at school. .
Sigh. .
And you know what ?
I almost got into an accident. .
Alhamdulillah. .
And again, just now. .
I send her to school again for tuition. .
But I can't see clearly. .
I think that I have problem with my sight at the night. .
Sigh. .
Can't wait for my salary. .~ ! !
I'm running out of money right now. .
And~ !
I'm admiring one new gadget. .
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus . .
This is it. .

Nice isn't it. ?
But one of my friends said that it wasn't that good. .
I don't know why. .
But actually. .
I have some dilemma in buying what thing. .
My Mom told me to buy a camera. .
And I like this one. .

Also nice, isn't it. .
And another stuff I admire is. . .
A phone. .
For your information. .
I like sliding type of phone. .
And this is the reason I like this phone. .~ !
 And this one is gorgeous~ !
Sigh. .
So, which one is better ?
Will you help me out ?
Or at least give a comment about the specialties and disadvantages for these gadgets. .
Okay, enough about gadget. .
Now about me. .
Seriously, I've changed as soon as I reached home. .
I sleep earlier and lot way so much. .
I think I'm gaining weight again. .
This is a picture of me which I took before the shopping with my Mom. .

Chubbier ?
You can say it. .
Okay. .
Maybe I'll come out with a new blog which will be based on my creativity. .
My own written novel. .
Just hope you'll like it. .
I guess here will be enough. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~