Friday, 15 July 2011

tension! !

Surprise why am I talking bout this issue this time?
This is because I've got a lot of problem in my head right now which are exist because of someone...
Want to know who?
I don't think it is necessary. .
It already sufficient if he and me know bout this. .
Although i am a little bit naughty, it is still under control. .
huh. .
I was thinking of being a good girl in the university stage. .
But it was destroyed by someone who love to tease me. .
I just don't know why. .
Why must me? ?
That question keep appear in my mind you know. .
And because of him, my bad habit that I want to throw it far away from my life, comes back immediately. .
Now, I on my holiday mood, which mean I am a millions far away from him. .
Huh, what a relief. .
ok, I think thats all for now from me to all of you. .
We shall see on the next entry. .
dadaaaa. .!

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