Wednesday, 6 February 2013

February? It's Crushes Time~ !

Hi and assalamualaikum all. .
Yeah, it's February. .
Time do fly fast, huh ?
See my title up there?
Sound cheeky huh?
And yes it is. .
Well, let me explain why I choose this title for the first entry for this month. .


This once become trending at twitter, back then in the end of January. .
And my wishes were to at least have me crush fb/twitter/phone number AND take photo with them.
At first, this crazy idea of having crush at work place because my friends there have their own crush as they said to be the motivation of going to work. .
And here goes the same to me. .
Been finding A CRUSH at first, to "motivate" me they said and I found one. .
He's cute! [ 24 Years Old, Finished studies in Operation Management ]
A lil bit taller than me, wearing spectacles, small eyes, look like Chinese, fair skin and have a tough body.
He is cute and romantic and sweet too. .!
Keep surprising me, sneaking behind me and make me startled. .
Knowing that he'll no longer going to work there, I have to ask his fb account. .
What an embarrassing moment but he stay calm. .
But then, only get the first wish with him. :(
And I think he like my friend cause he keep asking about her, and I don't care. .
Now, moving on to the SECOND CRUSH [ 23 Years Old, Engineering Student ]. . 
Weheee~ !
Can't stop smiling whenever I am thinking about him. .
He is way taller than me (and I like it), looking blur, slim body, not too fair nor too dark and that's all maybe.
Been really close with him since the day my first crush left.
He is way sooo cool in handling situation and talking. .
I like his style. .
Last Monday, he treat me while we're on rest time together,(have my friend too) and this evening, he accompany me for awhile, while waiting for my dad to pick me up.
At first, he already offered to send me home, but I rejected it nicely.
Then, we have a walk together, and yes, just two of us. .
Seriously, I can't stop smiling while walking with him, but I tried my hard to not smile.
Suddenly he asked me whether I can go out at night or not, and for sure, I can't. .
He said that he want to take me to watch movie. .
Oh! Before I forgot, he asked my phone number first!
*wake me up please?*
My friend who accidentally saw us said to me that we looks like a couple. .
*Stop it Ain,only CRUSH*
I hope that at least, we'll be friends forever! :))

And lastly, my THIRD CRUSH [ 20 Years Old, Just finished STPM ] . .
And about him. . 
Taller than me, fairer than me, slimmer than me, soft voice, so blur!
And, he's cute too. .
At first, I thought he is younger than me cause he look soooo immature!
He's soft voice attracted me, and I've been so childish when I'm with him too. .
And, he ask my facebook name first!
Yeay me! XD
just been really close with him today. .
He keep coming to my place to talk to me, give me candies and even almost late for his work after rest cause been accompanying me.
He is so immature that make me attracted to him. .

Okay guys!
That's all my stories about my CRUSHES!
And remember, this is only CRUSH. .
Have no any other intention. .
Blame my friend for giving me courage and support to find crush. .
Have a nice path in your life guys. .
Life may seem hard, but believe in yourself that you can go through it. .
Till then, Farewell~^^


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