Thursday, 11 April 2013

Happy April. ~^^

          Hi and assalamualaikum. Hey guys, it's April. .! Okay, what a late wish from me. . >.< Well, March has passed. What a hectic month I have there. And April is another new beginning for me. A happy one I can say. . Have nothing much to talk about regarding March, so, pictures will speak itself.

*actress and director*

*one of the picture I like*

*after joining a program at UKM*

*with the main actor*

          So, that was part of my March hectic month. Now, moving on to April. .  Awww, what a big smile I have whenever I came to think about it. . ^___^ Okay, let's start from the very start. 2nd April, I have this one friendship ring with her. . ~ ! And there is one person misunderstand her as a guy. LOL

*friendship without restrictions*

          And then, move on to 4th April. This is where one of the happiest moment of me started. He, which is now my boyfriend come fetched me at UPM along with his cousin, which is my friend. He decided to take me to meet his family and stay at his house for one night. I agreed. And, my family also know about this. At the moment he asked me to stay with his family, we're not a couple yet. He want to show me to his mother first, before we declare. And then, at 2.30 AM, 5th April, we declare each other as a couple, after I get an approval from his mother. Yeah, sound greasy, but he is one of the bravest man I've met. Those long awaited has been paid. We've known each other for more than a year. We've been through a lot. Suffered from losing him for several months. I've had enough. I want him to be my last love. The one and only one. My Mom seem to be liking him also, and I am glad to know that. Cause I believe in my Mom's choice and approval also. There was once when my Mom dislike this one ex of mine. Yeah, we've been together for almost two years, but what to do. Just then, I reflect myself back and thinking, maybe this is because I have no blessing from my mom. So, it's like, basically, we have blessing from both sides. Yeayy me. . May I have your prayer on our happiness too guys. . ? :D To reveal his picture with just me in here, not dare to do it yet. Maybe later on. But somehow, I've posted a picture of me with him on my instagram. . :D 

          Then, going back to Kluang on the 5th April. Manage to meet my Father before he's leaving for his work. Knowing that I'm going to Melaka again for 7th April, he said why don't you just stay there until then? My answer was, "cause I heard someone is sulking when he knew that I'm not going back." And it burst my laughter and the others. Though he keep denying it, we know the truth. I love you Dad. :*

          As what I mentioned before, I'm going to Melaka again on 7th April. This time, it was because of my assignment. I arrived at Melaka Sentral at 6.30pm on that day. Then my friend fetch me up with another friend to go have some fun! ! And guess what? He's coming with me. Yes! My boyfriend. :D That night, we went to lot of places such as Dataran Pahlawan, Menara Taming Sari, Jonker Street and Pantai Kota Laksamana. 

*Her. Me. Mustache*

*he's here somewhere.~^^*

*though it cost RM30, it's the memory which I treasure*

          To be honest, he is the opposite of what I've been dreaming a guy I would marry of. HAHA! Oh yes, love make you blind somehow. And that's the night. I love it whenever I get to talk, to chat, to see, to meet or even to dream of him. ~^^

          *it's 11th April now. Happy Birtday to one of my sisters, Nur Hafiszah Za'abar. Have a blast dear.*

           Next day, 8th April. We started our assignment on Baba Nyonya food. Me like it. I eat quite a lot. . Here are some pictures of it. . Weee~^^

*one of the Baba Nyonya Museum*

*Baba Nyonya's foods*

        I've thrown out all the bad feelings I have at that time by karaoke-ing! ! HAHA! Okay, that's it. Then, go back to Kluang. . .~^^ So yesterday, dating with my Mom. Well, it's a must for me to have a date with her whenever I get back to Kluang. So, pictures coming. . ~ ! ! !

*I heart my Mom*

*Me with striking blue jeans*

*Thanks to my pink phone for pinky day at BR today*

         So, that's all for today I guess. Looking forward for each new days. . Pray for my happiness with my beloved one. Till then, Farewell. . ~^^

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