Monday, 22 April 2013

It's Overrrrr~ ! ! ! !

         Assalamualaikum and hi to all. Yeah! Finally it's over! What was it? My theater for FESTIK 2013. It's over and I am satisfied enough with it. No more late night training after this. But somehow, I miss those moments. And i will miss it now till forever.! My first time wearing fake eyelashes, being make up like a bitch to suit my character and I'm feeling so not me at that time! Like a doll somehow. Wanna see? Here are. . . .

*a compilation of me*

*me as Ruby*

*with the director*

*Ruby and Adam*


*actors and actresses*

          All are those pictures I managed to take at that time. There are some more, but may it be only in my storage. ~^^ FESTIK is not over yet. The result will be out this 27th. Looking forward to it. Pray for us. :)

          And after that, just in favor of my seniors, I join this one program called RUBY. Like modelling show or something. Here is me. :)

          Arabic style! But I won nothing and I don't mind. :) Doing it just for fun somehow. :) Most of my make up were from my roommate, WANA!  Love her! with help with another roommate, SARAH. :)

          Those were my happy moments, but sad moment people can't see is still there. Last night, everything were revealed between me and him. It hurt me so much after knowing the truth. My instinct never lie! I just can't share this feeling with anyone cause I am scared of the outcomes. I only hope that Allah give us strength, give me courage so I can live this journey I had chosen. I am really feeling bad whenever I think about it and I can't show it. I really can't. Mom, I feel like hugging you so tightly right now. Myself is at 'war'. Part of me are so positive while the other part are so negative. Keep it balance Ya Allah. Just don't let the negative part of me overridden myself. I'm hoping for only that right now. Pray for our happiness my friends. Life, has never been easy to us. Till then, Farewell~

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