Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hurt Inside. . .~ !

Today. . .
I'm hurting inside, alone . . . .
From early in the morning till now in the night. .
It's hurting me. . .  . ~!
First, about my dad . .
I don't know why until this moment, he still can't understand what I really mean . .
We're definitely not on the same line when we're talking about something. .
And he said that I am selfish ? ? ?
Why did you judge me just like that without knowing my real plan ?
I want to light up your burden upon me, but you have another thought about it when we talk over this matter. .
Oh Dad, why can't we even be in the same opinion for at least once ?
But as a daughter, I can do nothing. .
Fine, I'll do what you say, obey your order. .
But it just a cruel statement when you said that I'm a selfish daughter to my parents and selfish sister to my siblings. .
It is so damn cruel to me ! ! ! ! ! !
And that made me cry this morning. . .
The first reason to start my bad day. . .
Then, getting late to work because of meeting these guys. .
But actually, all of us are late. .

*There is one other guy who's taking this picture*

But luckily, we didn't get scolded by the boss. . 
But then, in the evening. . 
Everything seems going wrong. .
Everything I do must be followed by a mistake. .
Then later, I can say that it is a humiliation upon me. . .
Making joke and fun of me ?
Did you ever had it enough ?
We only knew each other for not more that a month, did you notice that ?
Just please, do consider other's feeling when you're talking. .
My facebook my status. . .
What is it so concerning your business. . ?
Don't like it, you are welcome to unfriend me, even block me from your friend list. .
I will never stop you from doing so. . .
You expect me to be as cool as usual when you don't even say you're sorry for that ?
Understand how it feel there, inside my heart. .
And this was the second reason to make me cry. . .
Actually, I was crying all day long. . .
There are too much things I keep for only myself. .
And I don't know why it burst out today. . .
Never mind, at least I let it out here. .
And thanks to one of my friends who always being there whenever I need someone. .
Thanks to him. . .
Okay, enough till here. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~

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