Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Little Joy of Happiness. . .

Assalamualaikum and hi to all my lovely readers . . .
How are you today ?
I wish you are in a good condition and in the best state of health ~ !
Today. . . . .
Yeah, today is my off day from work and means it's dating time with my lovely mother. . .
I always date her whenever I have free time cause as for me, when will I if not now. . ?
Isn't it true ?
So just now we're shopping stuff together. . .
I get some presents for two of my six sisters as they didn't get their birthday present yet. .
And also for my lovely Dad. .
Their birthday is on May and June. .
And I only have the time just now, on July to bought a present for each of them. .
For me, it is only a little gift from me. . .
But seeing their smile when they received the gift, it do made me happy as well. . .
Moreover when it comes to my Dad. .
When he smiles and say thanks, I feel like flying in the air right away. . .
You know why ?
Because my dad hardly want to received a gift from me as he think it will burden me. .
Sigh . . .
Dad's thought make me dizzy ~ !
However, I'm still in a good mood. . .
You know what ?
I get something for myself too ~ !
This !

And yet, still cannot finish it till this moment !
Want some ?

See, I can still snap a pic. .
Yeah, I do love snapping or taking pictures. . ~ ^^
And now, I want to touch about my friends on facebook, twitter or wherever it is as long as it is in the internet world. .
In this kind of life, I befriends with everyone . .
And yes, EVERYONE ! ! !
I become friend with Indonesian, Nigerian, and all people around the world. .
You want to judge me because of this ?
Go ahead. .
It effects nothing on my life. .
Cause I know my own limit on what should I do and what I shouldn't do. .
But if you do something that hurt my feeling, you will never be my friends in any life ~ !
So, take note. . .
Don't judge me based on whom I befriend with. .
But if you keep judging me, you won't know the real me. . .
You will always see me as what you have judge me. . .
So, I am done with those comments I always got from people around me when there is some "stranger" comments on my status . .
I am tired of explaining, so, I will just let it go . .
So now, showing you some of my recent pictures. . ~ !

* Let's eat*


*with another worker*

So, that's all from me . . 
Till then, Farewell. . ~ ~ ~

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