Thursday, 26 July 2012

An Iftar With Family . . .~

Alhamdulillah. .
We're now reaching the 5th day of fasting. .
Alhamdulillah. .
Hope we can reach it to the end too, insya-Allah . .
And today is the first time for me, iftar with my family for this Ramadhan. .
So, still happy with it and Alhamdulillah again. .
And today, my family got new pets. . .~ !
And it was a couple of rabbit  ~ !
And here it is. .

The black and white one is Camie and the brown one is Jeremy. .
Well, those name were given by my sister. .
I have no idea where did she got those name. .
Anyway, it's a lovely name for me. .^^
And Camie is pregnant right now ~ !
So, now i want to drag about my personal life . .
Sigh . .
Firstly, about my workplace. .
Yeah, I do enjoy working there. .
Nevertheless, I have to quit cause I need to continue my study. .
And this is the problem . . !
The problem is, how am I gonna tell it to the boss that I'm quitting ?
Sigh sigh sigh. .
I guess I'm quitting a week before Aidilfitri . .
Cause I want to experience those kind of stuffs like baking kuih raya, painting the house and etc. .
I hope I will have those guts to in telling that I'm quitting around this week. . .
And so, forget the tension for now. . .
And here are some picture of me and one of my friends at the work place. .
We took it when we have nothing to do. .

Any comments regarding our pictures. . ?
Do comment or keep it yourself . .
LOL . .
So right now I'm downloading some good musics to me cause I felt so boring !
And also because I am in a dilemma . .
Did he take it for real ?
Dude !
I already told him that this is not a true one, . .
This is a fake one !
But he treating me like this is real. .
If he really thought so, ouh man, I'm dead !
And now, I am afraid of approving friend request on my facebook. . .
Cause they might be a stalker. .
I have to see who are the mutual friends between us first before I approve him or her. .
Sorry for that. . .
I think that's enough for now. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~

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