Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Medical Check -Up . .

Hi and assalamualaikum all. .
Yeah and yeah. .
I went for a medical check-up today. .
But that wasn't because I am sick or what. .
Just to fulfill the requirement of the university which I will further my study there, Universiti Putra Malaysia. .
So, basically, it was just a usual check-up. .
Eyes test, x-ray and this time, I need to take for blood test also. .
And yeah, it's very painful for me ~ !
Even till now, I can't freely move my left hand. .
As I am scared of blood, saw my own blood made me feel dizzy and wanna faint at the same time. .
Alhamdulillah, luckily it was easier this time rather than two years ago when the nurse cannot fine the right place to take my blood. .
Imagine, me who scared of blood and injection, would feel at that time. .
Yeah, I believe you know that feeling also. .
So today, I didn't do it along. .
I was with her. . . .

This is after we got back from hospital. .
Actually, she told me to not upload her this picture on facebook, so I put it here. .
And this is me after the x-ray . .
At the x-ray changing room ..

See that pale face of mine. . ?
Yeah, I can see it too. .
How do I cook tomorrow. .  ?
Well, for this x-ray, it's kinda embarrassing for me as my friend watching me being x-ray. .
LOL . .
And I didn't have the chance to do so to her as I need to get to another place. .
Grrr ~ ! !
Pissed off. .
And I wanna tell something about today. .
I guess, it was a bad day for us. .
First, we didn't found any photostat shop in the morning. .
Sigh .
Second, being scolded by bus driver and yeah, it scares me. .
Third, we already go to the general Kluang hospital when the staff there told us that we could only do check-up on Tuesday and Thursday. .
Fourth, at the other clinic, our turns has been postponed for so many times ~ !
Same as the fourth one, the fifth bad thing happened today was my turn has been postponed also. .
Sigh. .
What should I say aboput this. .
Obstacles during Ramadhan. .
But now, Alhamdulillah that everything has been settled down . .
Now. we only have to wait for our next appointment next week. .
This time, I hope everything will be fine and will run smoothly. .
Amiin.. .
And a little thing had happened before iftar. .
My heart told me to cry but my mind force me not too. .
Sigh, Dad. .
Why are you doing this to me. . .?
I have no comment regarding this. .
So, that's all for now. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~

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