Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Alone . .

Hi and assalamualaikum all. .
December reaching to the end, means, my final exam is approaching near. .!
Wow. .!
And I prepared nothing yet as for me, I need to get those assignment done first, and only then I will be able to think straight and focus on my study. .
Okay, back to topic. .
Exam was not really the main thing for this entry. .
So okay, alone. .
Yes !
I was alone yesterday. . .
Alone only physically cause inside, I don't feel alone at all. .
I was watching movie alone, eating all alone, walking alone and even shopping alone. .!
But it is not a big problem for me. .
I guess, I should pay myself for all the hard work I done in the past few days. .
And yes, PAID!
I know I was kinda late for this thing but who cares ?
As soon as I entered the hall, ouh!
The smell of books. .
Me love it. .!
When I found a book that really caught my intention, I would forget the rest. . .
Hew. .!
I am not a bookworm, but I do love books. .
Well, though people call you a weirdo or what cause you're shopping alone, just ignore it.
Do what do you need to do though you're alone. .
That's it and you can do everything. .
*all of this cost me less than RM70*

*see that super bonus thing? I don't know what to do with it*

Talking bout that super bonus thing, I don't know what are their attention for real. .
That wasn't the first time for me to get the most expensive bonus. .
I don't know whether they had it planned or just a coincidence. .
But well, I never believe in those..
Hew hew. .~
Enough about yesterday, let's move on to today. .
At 3PM later, I have to be an emcee. .
This is really my very first time. .
Kinda nervous but this sounds fun to me. .
So, I'll just take it. .
Who know that I am really talented for this kind of thing, right?

"Guys don't really concern on when to get married as they will still look younger than their real age."
This statement pop up on my mind. .
Put the blame on my foundation lecturer who told me to only get married after finish his PhD. .
He is a nice lecturer, I can say, a lovely brother and a wise man. .
Sir, I praise you without I notice it!
But you deserve it. .
No idea left.
So, better off for now. .
Till then, Farewell. .~

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