Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Mess of December Misery~ !

Hi and assalamualaikum. .
Seriously, I am in need of updating something. .
Feel the needs of writing. .
Cause I was too stress and in such a big mess!
And it's December again. .
That most wanted to get rid of things in my vocabulary and dictionary of life thingy . .~ !
But then I start to re-think. .
If those thing didn't happened to me before, I might be as playful as before. .
Thanks to him for giving me those big scars on my heart an a major turn point of my life. .
And remembering those thing I did back then, it really do make me think about something thoroughly. .
Guys, boys, men or anything you would classified them into. .
These time around, they keep giving me headache which led to confusion !
Before he said he was joking, and now he's saying he's not. .
Blerggh~ !
Crap it out!
Tired of thinking those thing . .
This time, I do only focus on my studies. .
I want to get first class degree and free from ptptn loan. .
Instead of taking JPA for second sem, where can I get so much money to pay PTPTN back in a short time. .
Just better perform well. .
And I do believe in myself this time. .
And what I so stress about this month are about my tests results and assignments and a test for broadcasting major just now! ! !
STRESS! ! ! !
And last night, I was stress cause I couldn't make it to see my friends' theater. .
So sad. .
Like seriously. .~ !
About our tests result which will be uploaded this week around I guess. .
Cause only then I can determine what grade I'll be aiming for. .
And my Mom also my aunt keep nagging telling me that I shouldn't be active enough. .
More focus on your studies. .
Mom, don't you believe in me. . ?
Without other activities, I'm bored to DEATH !
Arghh !
Even writing this up also make me stress cause I have to remember all things which make me so tension !
Okay, enough about stress. .
Move to slightly entertainment thingy, maybe. .
First, after we're done with our drama presentation, people start recognize me. .
So embarrassed !
And then I saw that one guy which I guess I pissed him off, and today, he's smiling to me. .
He's not mad anymore, I guess.  .~
Then about my kenegaraan lecturer. .
She called me "fun fair" . .
Do you want to know why ?
Cause at that time when it comes to my group presentation, I was soooo damn talkative as a moderator in a lively mode. .
That's why she remembered me as "fun fair" . .
I'm laughing myself when thinking of this too. .
And so now, I'm surfing 9gag while listening to some musics to reduce it even more. .
And that's all I got for today. .
Till then, Farewell~
*future thought looks like*

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