Wednesday, 26 December 2012

It's Study Week time. . ~ !

Assalamualaikum and hi to all my dearest friends. . ~^^
Happy ?
Well, yes I am. .
Currently at home with my beloved family. .
That's why no stress are able to enter my mind even for a second. . !
And yeah, it is study week for student like me actually. .
But what I did was only spending my precious time with le family. .
Awww, how can I study when I am here with all the things I like and no stress?
Seriously, I don't really feel like in an exam mode. .
I'm dead!
That's why I insisted to go back as early as I can. .
But, man. . !
My dad ask me to stay longer. .
Should be until this Friday, but sorry. .
I can only stay until Thursday. .
It's not that I don't want to stay longer. .
It was just, if I stay longer, I'm afraid I didn't study at all. .
Sorry mom, dad. .
Understand me please. . ?
Hew hew. .~
Yesterday, I do study a little. .
But yes, just a little. .
I only manage to stay awake until 12. .
Oh why. . ?
I usually stay awake until dawn. .
Hmmm, might be cause of the environment over here. .
Sigh. . ~
So now, I want to talk about last Tuesday. .
It's hang out memory with le friends from high school. .
Thou sometimes I don't feel like belong to them. .
But they do know me well. .
And always there, just in case. .
mmmmm, yeah. .
So, here is us!

Miss them, love them. . <3
Hope that we can stay as besties forever !
After that, we have our usual hangout activity, bowling !
And yeah~ !
We played two games, and I am the champion for overall match. .
My skill getting better maybe. .
Oh yea, today is 26th isn't it. . ?
Happy birthday to one of my best friends, ABDUL WAHAB JUMRAH. .
It'd been a year ++ huh ?
Nice to know someone like you thou you can be so annoying sometimes. .
Okay now, back to my entry. .
I guess that's it. .
And yeah, I achieved my "ideal" weight again. .
Yeay me!
Only if you know what ideal really mean to me. .
Okay, that's it dear. .
Do wish me luck for my final exam. .
I really hope I can do well. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~

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