Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Chubby Bulala Boy !

Oh Yeah !
This is my revenge post on him !
His name is Key. .
This is what I use to call him. .
So, this is him. . !

Cute huh ?
This is my friend. .
So first of all. .
I want to remind all of you that this post gonna be a 'rojak post' . .
I'll use the same way with my conversation with him, which mean it's gonna be English + Malay + Chinese slang. .
So, what I know about him. .
His name is Wong Chow Jun, born on 22nd August 1993 . .
Currently studying and also working. .
He looks kinda nerd and slow, but not gonna be fooled by him !
He smart ley !
He already curi lots of my pictures !
Walao !
Haa !
The reason I called him "bulala" was because he like to say this word whenever he pissed off or have nothing else to say. .
This kinda funny !
I once sulking with him. .
And that made him said "bulala" for more than 10 times !
What a bulala boy. .
He have many blog. .
I'm so pening. .
But this is one of it. .
If he made this post to make me "famous" , so am I !
But he already famous actually. .
He is a freelance model. .
Oh yea !
If I'm not mistaken, he got a photo shoot next week. .
Do pray for his success okay ?
I don't want to copy paste his biodata like he did. .
You can always add him on facebook also. .
This is the link. .
Do make me win this deal between us okay ?
Here one of his chubby picture I found !

Sigh. .
He said that I'm perasan when I have "baby face" face. .
*haha, kinda actually*
But there were many people told me that I look younger leyh. .
You're the one who jealous with me. .
Bulala boy !
Now, start with my story on meeting him at the first time. .
At first, I saw him on TAGGED(a social networking) by the name Jae Jun and that what made me attracted to know him more. .
His name was almost the same like one of my favorite artists, Jae Joong . .
At first I thought he was Chinese, but he actually mixed. .
So many mix, make me pening again. .
Sigh. .
After that, we start skype-ing. .
First time skype-ing, he so shy !
So easy to turn red. .
But then, we used to it. .
He told that the way I speak English is kinda weird. .
I'm not sound like  Asians. .
He too !
His Malay was so bad !
I just puji sikit then become even worser. .
When I mad at him, I use Malay to speak. .
Padan muka dia !
He is an animal lover. .
But I'm a cat lover. .
He always use his cats to make me jealous. .
And I'm really jealous of these !

His new cats at Singapore. .
Sigh. .
He so jahat ley !
And he also love other animals. .
And also plants lover. .
But the animal he love to pet is kinda weird sometimes. .
And I guess, this is his new pet. .

You can see what on his hands right ?
scare me. .
Seriously !
He said that he always bring that snake everywhere. .
Sigh. . .
Well, I'm glad to know him . .
Key, thanks for coming to my world and light it up when it is about to dark. .
You're always there when I need you. .
Thanks for the advice you'd given to me. .
Make me even stronger right now. .
I'm looking forward to meet you in real life also. .
Remember !
Kalah bowling belanja makan, okay ?
Enough about him till here. .
do leave your comment. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~


  1. Bulala~~ My name is Xiao June la.... =0=""....

    1. Sorry. .
      I'm not good at spelling Chinese name. .
      U spelled my name wrong too. .

  2. ur Part two will come leh :P~~~~