Monday, 21 May 2012

Super Power. .

Jyeah. . ~ !
Finally I gonna post about it. .
Yes !
About Super Power . .!
I believed that at least once, u must have thought about this matter too. .!
Nah !
Don't lie to me say u never have such thought. .
Well, gonna talk about it, one by one. .

Mind Control

Oh yeah. .
I love this power. .
I wish to have it when I was told to do something I don't like. .
If I have this power at that time, I can just make it done by itself. .
For an example. .
I wish to have it when my father told me to clean up the dry leaves in front of the house. .
Really !
I am a lazy person !
So tired + hot sometimes.. .
At that time I just wish the leaves could gather itself and my job is just to get rid of it. .
Muahaha !
See how lazy I am ?
So, reject me from your list now. .

Lightning Speed

And this one. .
I wish to have it everytime I need to participate in 100m, 200m or whatsoever which related with it.
I hope I just can finish it as fast as I can then become the most athletic girl in my school. .
Also wish for it whenever I dream on going somewhere far from my place. .
If I have this power, I can just run to the place I want and reach there in just few minutes. .
Hewhew. . !


Oh yeah ! !
I love this one. .
I wish I can fly. .
To touch the sky. .
Sigh. .
But it was just a dream. .
Even if I believe I can fly, I still can't. .

Read Others Mind

Jyeah ! !
I really need this one when I feel suspicious about something. .
I also wish I can hear animal's thought also. .
But not every time. .
Just sometime. .
Well, having this power may have a big impact in my life. .
I might turn up crazy if I can't handle it well. .
But I really wish for it once I want to know whether someone's lying to me or speak the truth. .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Okay. .
I think that's enough. .
Or I gonna start typing out something crap !
I want to have magical power too !
So I just can turn u into a frog if u hurt me !
Why frog ?
Cause I hate frogssss! ! ! ! !
Okay, enough and enough again. .
I shall stop here my friends. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~


  1. haha lets me give the bad one^~^

    Mind Contol
    because u love to use ur mind power so much, later u become over lazy & dont want to move much of ur body, u say u a lazy girl rite,, so i guess, near future from size "S" turn to DOUBLE "XXXL"^^

    Lighting Speed
    I scared if it was "Larian berpagar" U rempuh all lo",hahahaha~!!!^^

    Fly is cool,But u dont mind if u enjoying fly through the sky U might accident with airplane?? pffftt....

    Mind reader
    Hmmm sound, but u dont mind ,u know people think bad about u??? Im sure u gonna "Nagging"leh,hahaha~!!^^

    Lastly want to be a magician???
    turn people to frong,haha im sure the frog will ask u to turn the back to human & at the same time they will make the snake to follow them because snake make them as FOOD (PS:U Scared Snake) hahaha~!!!^^

    1. Haha. .
      U so mean lah. .
      I don't want to participate in larian berpagar la. .
      And, i'm not that lazy la. .
      Only control things i don't like to do. .
      And bout frog. .
      After turned them, i'll sent them so far away !
      So no snakes. .

    2. Bulala weak answer :P bleeekk I win 2:0
      I want banyak food oo

    3. What ?
      This time I win okay ?
      1:1 . .
      No way. .
      Bowling first !