Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day. .

Well. .
Happy Mother Day I dedicate especially to my mother. .
Puan Turinah Binti Jani. .
So, this is my mom. .

My lovely mom. .
So basically. .
I gonna tell about her in my post this time. .
My mom. . .
A lovely Mom. .
Hard to mad at us, easy to go with my thought, open-minded and others good value. .
When I was still a child, not mature yat. .
I've hurt her feeling a lot. .
I know I'm not a good child. .
Sorry for all of my wrongdoings mom. .
Nowadays, I'm trying to be a better daughter for you. .
I'll help u as I can. .
My Mom has a soft heart. .
She will always be the one that miss me when I was at college before. .
We'll go shopping together if we have time. .
We go by riding a motorcycle. .
I knew the way I'm riding the bike seem dangerous. .
So, that's why I always pray that if anything happened, just let me the one who receive all the pain. .
Even die. .
Just don't let my Mom hurt. .
So !
You better watch your mouth out of not talking bad about my Mom, or else !
I'm sure you can figure it out yourself. .
So, this is a short story about my beloved Mom. .
I just couldn't imagine how can I live without her. .
At least, just let me pay all my debt to her. .
I love you Mom. .
Before, now and always. . .
So I guess, that's all for today. .
Till then, Farewell. . ~

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