Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I am Happy When. . . .

Alhamdulillah. .
Thanks Allah for everything You gave to me. .
Basically, May is kinda a happy month for me. .
It's been so long since my last update right ?
Sorry, just paid my broadband. .
So then. .
I'll update about my activity today. .
Today is Tuesday and apparently, it is my off day. .
Heuw. . !
So at evening, I was out with one of my sisters. .
This is us. .

A photo before going out. .
Pity her. .
I kinda bullied her. .
Well, just trying to strengthen our relationship. .
Then we got home and out again at night. .
But this time out with the whole family. .
Members of nine. .!
At first, my Dad refuse to go. .
But then when I'm persuading him and show him that I was kinda disappointed when he refuse, he told me he would. .
And I was like "YEAY" . .
HAHA. . !
This is on my treat because I just got my salary. .
But sorry all. .
Only this I can afford at this time. .
I'll treat more once I got more okay ?
I will only happy when see my family happy. .
Enough with the story. .
Now, pictures time !

*just arrived*

*at celcom centre*

*second and youngest sis of mine*

*eldest and youngest*

*ordering menu*

*waiting for pizza*

*My beloved parents*

*me with my 8 years old sis*

*with sis who gonna sit for UPSR this year*

*only this one I can snap*

*enjoying the meal*

And it's end here for today. .
I was just so glad that I can make them full. .
I don't really care how much it cost when it is about my family. .
I love you guys. .
Do always love me too. .
So, I shall stop here. .
Till then, Farewell. . 

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