Wednesday, 16 November 2011

15 November 2011

As I told u in the last entry. .
I will never forget this date. .
At this date, something happen. .
Something which make my tears run flow from my eyes and make my smile stay long enough at my face. .
As a Muslim, I believe in Allah promises to His servant. .
And one of His promises has been granted for me. .
I've got someone I like. .
Someone who created with the same attitude and have a lot of common characteristic between me and him. .
And yes, this is the first time I feel my love not only at my side. .
He love me too. .
How can I stop smiling after knew this thing. .?
I really hope that our relationship will remain till our last breath. .
I really want him as my partner life. .
I hope he feel the same way too. .
Big smile for thing happen in this date. .

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