Monday, 28 November 2011

My Day . .

When I said about my day. .
Believe me. .
It's a day fill up with bored . .
And this kind of day make me tend to think on something I feel, or thing which I see will be in the future. .
I always have those kind of thinking when I am alone. .
Being someone important and someone who others rely to is a tough thing actually for me. .
It is okay if they rely on something which I can consider, but hoping something that won't happen from me just a burden for me. .!
I just don't have the heart to hurt others . .
And please. .
I beg you. .
Don't use that to play on me. .
Using my weakness as your weapon ain't cool man. .
This show how immature and selfish you are. .
Now, I already someone else which I can rely on too. .
But, I don't want to give him such  a big burden of mine. .
Having him by my side is already enough. .
I don't want to ask more. .
I can bear all of my problems alone like before, it just having him, lighten up my problems a bit. .
To my dear . .

I wish you were here. .
Cause I can't breath without you. .
The past had already gone . .
Lets start our new chapter of our own . .
Though Romeo and Juliet are not our role . .

Okay . .!
We shall see again later. .
Daa. . ~

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