Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Was thinking Over . . .

Sometimes. .
I feel like I just don't deserve him. .
I myself don't know why those feeling keep knocking my mind. .
Being worried too much bout him make me feel uneasy about it too. .
Although he didn't say anything about it , it just my mind kept thinking about that. .
People will say that I've think too much than I should. .
But this was what happened to me before. .
When I care about someone I love too much, he finally left me. .
I just don't want the same thing happen over and over again. .
Thats why I'm afraid. .
Being too care bout my love. .
Is it wrong. .?
Can I care about someone I love. .?
Am I being too much on him. .?
Am I giving him tensed everyday. .
Thats why, sometimes I want to be free from any commitment relationship. .
Being in that kind of relationship will make me such a "busy body" to my partner. .
But does he knew that I'm doing it because I love him. .?
I was angry at myself. .
Angry cause I can't stop thinking all this nonsense. .
Sigh. . .
I don't wanna talk more bout it. .
Lets end it here. .
We shall see again later. .
Farewell. . .~

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