Monday, 14 November 2011

Today. . .

Well. .
Everyday, there are things happen in our life. .
So here, I gonna tell what happen today in my life. .
My story might not interesting. .
But I just wanna share it with all of the readers. .
Today , something happen because of me make me feel guilty. .
But first, i wanna tell a story before i tell what makes me felt guilty. .
My father is a though and strong man. .
Not from the way he look, but inside of him. .
I just realise it this morning. .
My father can still smile even in his toughest situation. .
He was asked for the money from the one who should pay it to him long time before but still didn't give any single cent to my father till now. .
What can that guy said only promises. .
Liar. .!
But my father can still smile in front of him. .
I know my father having the money crisis right now. .
For my family, we can knew it from the changes of his mood. .
Even he can smile in front of others, but not in front of his family. .
But i'm not blaming him for this. .
He actually did the right thing. .
If he didn't show it to us, who else. .?
At least we can help him release the burden a bit. .
We can't just let him bear it all alone. .
How could we. .?
So, he thing that make me feel guilty is. .
How can I being so stubborn. .
I should be grateful actually to have such a great father. .
Big smile for him. .
So, the story today is about MY FATHER . . .
Thank you for all you'd did for me. .
We shall meet again later. .
Daa. . ~!

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