Saturday, 12 November 2011

Now. . No More Hope On You. .

There was a time before I start put my hope on you. .
Your kindness and sense of humor had attracted me. .
Once I start put my hope on you, I made you as my moon in my life. .
You are a moon as you're the one who always lights up my life in whatever situation I am. .
But I know it is only one sided love. .
You'll never pay attention on me more as a friend. .
And you'll never know my feelings towards you. .
As for now. .
I am tired of waiting. .
Now. .
No more moon in my life. .
Let me live my life without your light. .
Let me run my life by myself. .
Let me hurt myself now. .
I don't want to put more hope on you. .
Now. .
No more hope on you. . .

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